Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I want your name beatch!

With all the character transfers to and from different servers over the last year in Star Wars The old Republic, most of us, myself included, have lost our original names. I remember waiting frantically on the day of launch to hit that create button to ensure that I got the character names that I wanted. Then when they moved us to Australian servers I managed to save those same names. Unfortunately they closed they servers, like they did lots of others, and when I transferred back to my original server my name was already taken up by some alt that never logs in ... ever! And it was not just one name that I wanted to use, seven of my eight name choices were already in use! The only level 55 that I didn't have to re-name was Methos. He was safely at home on the Harbinger the whole time, and being one of my first characters, and on that server, he was able to keep it. I've added all of my names to friends lists to see if anybody else is using them and I never see them log in on Sith or Republic side.
Coming in November, Bioware are releasing all the held names by accounts that are not subscribed. If your character is not in use and you are not a subscriber there is a chance that you will lose your name. To be honest, if you're not playing and haven't played for months then I see no reason why you level one alt should be holding a name you may never use. I guess I will be using my Cartel coins over the next few months to change my names back to what they were when I first started playing once this clean out happens. submit to reddit

Thursday, July 11, 2013

"That's So SWTOR!" screenshot contest! 2400 Cartel Coin Card prize!

Just go to this post and submit up to 3 screenshots that you think define SWTOR. Submissions will be taken until the winner is announced on Friday's community post, so show them what you got, guys! Go here 

This is my 3:

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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Many Looks of Andronikos Revel

Customizations for Andronikos Revel

This one is for the ladies! Andronikos is definitely the most eligible bachelor for female Sith Inquisitors. He’s not a bad bloke to hang out with for all your male Sith Inquisitors as well. There’s no doubt that Andronikos is a bad boy, so bad that even the Republic didn’t want to deal with him. He boasts dual gun-slinger style pistols with a killer attitude. Andronikos doesn’t mess around when it comes to disposing of your enemies. Just for the fun of it, I dressed Andronikos up in the relaxed jumpsuit and his six pack made we want to go on a diet. The facial tattoos also give him a look that screams ‘don’t mess with me’.

Andronikos has eight different looks to choose from, including the default look. Most of them have facial tattoos of some sort but no matter what look you choose for him he always has that cool bad boy vibe.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Many Looks Ashara Zavros

Complete guide to the Sith Inquisitor companion Ashara Zavros customizations

A bit about Ashara Zavros from my experience (no story spoilers)

Ashara Zavros is the third companion that is unlocked at the end of Act 1 in the Sith Inquisitor class. Having played through every single class line in SWTOR, I have to say that she is one of my favorite companions. Ashara is a powerful Jedi Apprentice with Jedi Knight Sentinel type skills. She dual wields lightsabers and is the same species as Ahsoka from the Clone Wars. She has a similar type of attitude as well. There is a lot of misinformation online about her being a light side companion but as you will find out, that's not entirely true. Yes, there are a lot of light side options that she will approve of but there are also dark side options that she likes as well. She doesn't appreciate cowardice; she likes going into a fight head-on. If anything I would say that she's grey side - a warrior Jedi - a Jedi lured by the passion of the fight. Unlike many other companions, Ashara Zavros has no Like or Favorite gift preferences outside of romance. For a full list of gift preferences, check this out. Despite this I was able to complete Ashara Zavros' storyline on my dark side female Sith Inquisitor by the time I'd reached level 50. She surprised me on numerous occasions with what she thought was a right decision and I'm sure you will enjoy her storyline as much as I did.
swtor 2013-04-29 13-57-42-13
Unfortunately for Ashara Zavros, it's not possible to have her in a bikini to show off her many looks, like I normally do in these posts. For some strange reason, BioWare have chosen not to give Ashara any body skin detail. Equipping a bikini simply shows an ugly grey body suit underneath (shown below). The disappointments for this companion's customization options doesn't end there. She only has two customizations available and they only change her face and lekku (head tails in layman's terms). This is quite surprising considering the amount of customizations available for the first Sith Inquisitor companion, Khem Val, who is an ugly beast and yet has fourteen! Read on 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Interview with BioWare on the introduction of the Cathar player race with patch 2.1 in SWTOR

Patch 2.1 cusatomizations is just around the corner and BioWare were kind enough to invite GamingFace to a late night meeting in which they divulged top secret information about the new features that will be availale to players with the patch. Today the NDa has been lifted on the first juicy bit of information that we've all been dying to find out about - the new player race, Cathar. Republic players were introduced to the Cathar race early on in their class missions on both Tython and Ord Mantell. Imperial players may have come across the Cathar race on Balmorra. One of the Bounty Hunter's opponents early on in the piece is a Cathar. This cat-like race is a common sight in MMOs. People seem to have a weird fascination with the cat-look. The other way that SWTOR gamers may have come across the Cathar race is with the Trooper companion, Aric Jorgan. This Cathar companion will be getting a full facelift with patch 2.1 and GamingFace will be doing a complete "Many Looks Of' post with all the options as soon as possible, so that you can see all of the available customizations. Cory Butler from BioWare answers 7 questions below about the Cathar race and what it offers players in SWTOR.
swtor 2013-04-26 19-23-59-60

1) So, you've told us that 2.1 customizations will grant players access to the Cathar species. How much will Cathar cost players and will there be a price difference between subscribers and non-subscribers?
We currently have the Cathar Species unlock priced at 600 Cartel Coins for the entire account. This price will be the same for both Subscribers and Free-to-Play and Preferred Status players.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Are you Goofy For SWTOR? New on GamingFace

We get some real cool items in this pack! And I am dieing to get my hands on some of them!  
Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack The Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack features ten new gear sets worn by iconic figures from The Old Republic™ universe, including those of Bastila Shan, Thana Vesh, Jolee Bindo, House Thul, and The Red Blade. Four newly introduced mounts include the holo-canopied Cartel Decadent Skiff and the holo-stabilized Gurian Lightning. However, the gems of the pack are two new toys, each with abilities not found anywhere else in the game! The first is the Revan Holostatue, which acts as a summonable Commendations vendor. The second is the Music Therapy Probe, which triggers a fantastic group rest ability. Put on your Relaxed Uniform and get your move on with surrounding characters! You’ll also find all the other types of rare goods you’d expect: weapons, minipets, emotes, color crystals, and, for the very lucky, a return of the Rascal’s Toothpick. Sold individually or at a bulk discount in convenient Hypercrate packaging.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let's get naked for PvP

A common sight in PvP warzones since patch 2.0 has been naked players. An oversight in the bolster system has meant that a lot of players have been better off not having any item equipped. This is about to be fixed, with changes being made to War hero and Elite War hero gear. What will the changes mean?

The lack of clothing on PvP has included players who had War Hero or even Elite War Hero gear. Simply unequipping items like the relics could give you thousands of extra health and dramatically increase your overall damage or healing. This has been recorded as a known bug and in a lot of player's books, an exploit. 

BioWar will be fixing this bug tonight in patch 2.0.0b. The patch notes remark:

The effect of Bolster on empty item slots has been decreased.
Due to itemization changes, Expertise has been removed from all War Hero and Elite War Hero pieces except for weapon crystals.

When I first saw the patch notes I was a little bit concerned - will my War Hero and Elite War Hero gear be gimped? Well, according to Alex Modny, this will not be the case at all. Your War Hero and Elite War Hero stats will be brought up to equivalent PvE gear and going into a warzone with them equipped, they will receive the appropriate bolster, making that gear comparable to wearing high end level 50 PvE gear. The way in which the bolster works is that it only grants a bonus to non-PvP items and the bolster is equivalent to entry level, level 55 PvP gear, which is better than Elite War Hero. By changing Elite War Hero to a PvE item, it means that it will receive the bolster and will be better, not only in PvP but PvE as well.

These changes have all come about because of the realization that players prefer a skill-base competition than a gear-based competition. It gets disheartening really fast if you're dominated by players who have superior gear. BioWare wants to still be able to reward avid PvPers with cool gear, but they don't want to take that to the stage where that gear provides unfair advantages in competitions. 

I love this change and as a PvP enthusiast I'm looking forward to real competitions on not only with my main character but my lower level characters as well.

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