Sunday, July 31, 2011

Unique in the news this week

It’s not always easy to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the news so this is this week’s round up:

Force Reflections: How many Star Wars costumes do you own? All true fans have done it at one point or another. Whether it was for Halloween, a convention, or some LARP, most of us have dressed up as a Star Wars c..."

Me, it's just 1.. and a Rebel logo tattoo on my arm :)

TOR CE Fuss About Nothing Before I get into this anyone who whines about the CE being too expensive and are from the US “SCREW YOU ALL”. *Rant Set To Maximum* You already have one..."

It's the internet you got rant right?

GameStar Exclusive interview with BioWare’s Gabe Amatangelo German magazine scored an exclusive interview with Gabe Amatangelo of BioWare to discuss Operations which has fans across the globe excited. Op..."

You do get a break down in English so go read!

Video: Oh Noes the Geeks are Coming! Thanks to @rebellegion I was alerted to the video I’m about to let you in on. This is not strictly speaking Star Wars: The Old Republic news but it touches."

The video is a good outsiders look at comic-con!

In case you missed it... Star Wars: The Old Republic has set the record for the most pre-orders in EA's history...this game has been available for what, like a week?!..."

A nice tid bit from Bierto in the RedRancor Forums Thanks for the link Bro!

That’s No Moon – It’s Art by Crypticgrrl - This week I have another femme artist, Crypticgrrl, who’s dramatic close-ups were featured on a Fan Friday January 14, 2011 with this comment: Crypticgrrl’..."

Guys are you stalking her?

PC Gamer Interview With Gabe Amatangelo On Operations Yesterday, we reported on the GameStar magazine issue of Star Wars: The Old Republic involving Operations, Warzones, and more. Now we have PC Gamer UK's Au..."

A nice bit of info about loot

TOR Coming September Well almost. Many of the TOR faithful will at last get there hands on the game by the way of weekend testing. I loved to way rift did this weekend stuff. ..."

A good bit on pre-launch testing and what we have coming in TOR
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