Friday, August 26, 2011

In SWTOR news this week!

Just getting in before the Friday update so you all get to see some of the unique SWTOR news around the web this week. Red Rancor is a must read this week looking at gold farmers. I hate gold farmers and it pisses me off when people support them! Most gold farmers in MMOs are hacked or stolen accounts and it's just wrong to support them. If you buy SWTOR credits may all your accounts get hacked!

Red Rancor
Gold Farmers Can't Wait to Pounce on SWTOR Like Vultures
The Race for Your Dollars is ON!!
"Would you believe there are "buy in-game gold" sites already listing Star Wars: the Old Republic Credits for sale? Isn't that just ridiculous; we're still a couple of months before the game releases! Ridiculous or not, back in April listed eight websites with names like "cheapswtorcredit" and "swtorgold" that have already been set up for your credit buying pleasure."

These are also worth a read ...

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