Thursday, September 01, 2011

Read up on the Old Republic

I recently download the Darkhorse app for my iPad, as they were advertising Star Wars comics. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have the full series of both The Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars, The Old Republic. Both these comic series take place in and around the time that SWTOR is set.

Star Wars The Old Republic Series looks at a variety of different class characters and also the relationship between some of the companion characters that you will get the opportunity to play with in SWTOR. It's made up of little series, for example, the first three comics are about the relationship between a Sith Warrior and his companion.

I absolutely loved Knights of the Old Republic, starting with A Jedi Betrayed. If anything this comic series questioned my loyalty to either side of the Force; who really are the bad guys in this story? Are the Jedi really as good as they make out? Do the Sith, who rely on their emotions and feelings, all necessarily have to be evil? These comics are available on both the Darkehorse comic store for your iPhone or iPad and also available in print from

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