Saturday, October 29, 2011

Advanced Class Breakdown: Trooper "Not all heroes carry Lightsabers"

Our Trooper class page has now been updated with all the advanced class information (also presented to you below).

Not all heroes carry Lightsabers. Some just have the will to fight.

For decades, the armed forces of the Galactic Republic defended their civilization against the seemingly unstoppable Sith Empire. Despite countless setbacks, the men and women of the Republic military never backed down until the Senate ordered them to do so. These brave souls remain ready and willing to lay their lives on the line today.

Advance Class: Vanguard
Unstoppable and utterly fearless, Vanguards wade into battle wearing
advanced heavy armor. They are the first and best line of defense in the Republic military. These steadfast soldiers ignore personal risk, deliberately stepping into the line of fire to divert danger from allies and innocents.

Tree: Tactics (Ranged DPS)
Trains the Vanguard how to more effectively deal with close range combatants.

Instant Cooldown: 9 secs Range: 4m
Close range attack causes 606-613 damage and a short bleed for 44 damage every second for 6 seconds.

Rapid Surges
Reduces the Cooldown of surges by 1.5 seconds and increases their crit chance 6%.

Tree: Shield Specialist (Tank)
Powers up the Vanguard’s shield generator to absorb firepower and protect their allies.

Adrenaline Rush
Instant Cooldown: 2 min
Increases the maximum health of the trooper by 30% for 15 seconds. The health is lost at the end of the effect.

Static Shield
10% chance that blocks will increase the crit chance of your next Pulse Round or Explosive Surge by 100%. Effect lasts 10 seconds and cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.

Tree: Assault Specialist (shared)
Teaches explosives and grenades to complement either rifles or heavy cannons.

Sticky Grenade
Instant Cooldown: 30 secs Range: 30m
Throw a sticky grenade that will detonate after several seconds. Weaker targets enter a state of panic when the grenade is active. The explosion deals 915-929 damage to the primary target and 261-270 damage to nearby enemies. Weaker targets are knocked back from the blast.

Chain Reaction
When you get a critical hit with a Tech attack, you have a 100% chance to recharge 1 energy cell.

Advance Class: Commando
Trained in advanced assault tactics and weaponry, Commandos charge
battlefields with massive blaster cannons, overwhelming their enemies
with brute firepower. Whether taking out an enemy bunker with focused
fire or driving back an Imperial charge with a hail of concussive bolts,
the Commando’s high-powered hardware dominates the scene, laying
waste to all unfortunates who fall within its range.

Tree: Gunnery (Ranged DPS)
Focuses on maximizing the assault cannon's destructive power.

Grav Round
Casting Time: 2.5 secs Cooldown: 9 secs Range: 30m
Fires a round that creates a gravity vortex on the target that causes 1580-1590 kinetic damage.

Charged Barrel
Charged Rounds increase the damage of your next Hammer Shot by 10%. Lasts 6 seconds.

Tree: Combat Medic (Heal)
Trains the Commando to provide expert first aid to wounded comrades in the heat of battle.

Trauma Probe
Instant Range: 30m
Summon a probe that heals the target for 123 every 3 seconds for 30 seconds.

Improved Kolto Bomb
Kolto Bomb now heals targets below 50% life for 20% more.

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