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Class Preview: Jedi Knight on

Finally a site posts some information we can sink our teeth into!! 

"Right from the get-go the game makes it clear that you are the next big thing since sliced space bread. From the opening crawler and all through the class story, the line “strong in the force” will be used to describe you constantly. It’s a wonder how I managed to stick to the lightside with everyone telling my how great and powerful I was (repeating “Don’t get cocky kid.” in your head helps.). If that doesn’t check your ego, the sight of your first weapon will, the all powerful training sabre or in my opinion wiffle bat."


The Jedi Knight is a melee specialist, whether wielding one lightsabre as a guardian, or two as the sentinel. These advanced classes are unlocked upon reaching level ten and visiting your local Jedi Master. While both are primarily melee combatants there are a few defining characteristics.

Jedi Guardian Defining Points:
Wears Heavy Armor (High Survivability)
Single Sabre User
Excellent Tank
Jedi Sentinel Defining Points:

Wears Medium Armor
Dual Lightsaber’s
Melee Damage Dealer

No matter the choice of advanced class the Jedi Knight’s primary resource is Focus. This Focus is built up by using certain attacks/abilities and is used to power other more powerful attacks.

A sample of focus building abilities include:

Strike: Your basic lightsabre attack. Strikes with both lightsabres if dual wielding.

Force Leap: Jump to the target inflicting mainhand weapon damage. Also interrupts and immobilizes the target.

Zealous Strike (Sentinel): An advanced strike that hits the target multiple times with both sabres.

Sundering Strike (Guardian): Inflicts minor damage and reduces enemy armor. Can be stacked

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