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SWTOR Full Datacron Locations List

This is a list of Datacron location waypoints you can find using your map in SWTOR as you venture through the galaxy. Every planet will have a set number of Datacrons that will add permanent attributes to your avatar like +4 to Strength as seen in this screenshot.

Update: The information int his blog post is being re-posted, planet by planet in a more reader friendly format and including embedded video guides. As we release each of these posts we'll add a link here. Here are the posts available so far for the following planets (more to come):

Ord Mantell

If the planet you're looking for information about is not on the above list yet, take a look at the information below.

Credit for the tips in this list goes to the members of the SWTOR Forums. This post was wiped with the forum reset. The original list of waypoints was sent out to beta testers via email. From what i can tell, the waypoints were still correct up until the final days of beta testing.

There are several different types of Datacrons:

Green: +Endurance (secondary stat for all characters)
Orange: +Cunning (Smuggler / Imperial Agent primary stat)
Purple: +Willpower (Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor primary stat)
Red: +Strength (Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior primary stat)
White: +Aim (Trooper / Bounty Hunter primary stat)
Yellow: +Presence (secondary stat for all characters)

Shard Datacrons: Shard Datacrons give you a Matrix Shard instead of a stat buff. Matrix Shards can be used to create relic slot items. There are four different colors of Shard Datacrons: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.

As seen in this screenshot you can see Datacrons from a distance due to the beam of light emanating from them.

Read on for the full list of Waypoints.

Note (15 Dec 2011): This list is from Beta but having played in the release game for over 24 hours now I can report that they all still seem to be the same.

Tython (Republic only)

1) Datacron (Willpower +4), X: -641 Y:36 Z:-7*, Map area: The ruins of Kaleth.

Description: To get here you need to use a huge tilted pillar that forms a bridge to a hilltop. The Datacron is just to the left of the hilltop at the base of a statue.

2) Datacron (Blue Matrix Shard), X: -91 Y:93 Z:920*, Map area: The Forge Remnants
Description: To get here you have to follow a the path starting at X: -113 Y:88 Z:819 past a few fleshraiders, through a two story ruin and into a small settlement.
The matrix shard is to the right with a kneeling shaman in front of it.
3) Datacron (Endurance +4), X,Y: (600, -85). Map area: Tython (on the road between the Jedi Temple and The runins of Kaleth)
Description: To get here you have to follow the road around the mountain and jump down to an entrance at (620, -25). Take the tunnel, fight the few monsters and there is the datacron!
4)+4 End -if I remember correctly- (-33,-102) You have to go through the mountain pass (entrance -29,13)

Old Mantell (Republic only)

1) Datacron (Red Matrix shard), X: 777 Y:8 Z:199*, Map area: Mannett point.
Description: To get here just follow the beach up north. There is a lvl 8 elite guarding it, and the Datacron is down a little hole in the sand just next to him.

2) Datacron (Presence +4), X: -976 Y:201 Z:8, Map area: Main map (West of volcano).
Description: To get here Simply head along the beach from the Volcano Camp. The Datacron is resting behind some rocks, near a small lake.

3) Datacron (Aim +4), X: -656 Y:44 Z:-574*, Map area: Savrip Island (West of Oradam Village)
Description: To get here head to the group area, it is on a hill there. Use the hill to the west of it to get to it.

Korriban (Empire only)

1) Korriban Red Matrix Shard X: -54 Y:378, Map area: Tomb of Tulak Hord : The Ruined Atrium
Description: To get here you need to run to the end of the southern most catacomb on Korriban. Room full of elites and the Matrix Shard.

2) Datacron (Endurance +4) X: 375 Y:77, Map area: Korriban.
Description: On the way to the offworld transport to the left on a small platform.
The same? : +4 End : 127,77 (near the shuttle)

3)+4 Wis : 529,65 (You have to come from the west side of the cliff)

Hutta (Empire only)

1) Datacron (Aim +4), X: -97 Y:21 Z:861*, Map area: east of Evocii renegade village.
Description: To get here you have to go to the swamps and jump upon a destroyed pipeline to go up on the hill – there you can find it hidden on the right side of the hill underneath
the top.

2) At the NE corner of the map(945,-128) is a little island with a datacron on it. To get there walk along the pipeline leading to that island.
The NE Hutta one it gives +4 presence location x,y. 649,-108

3) Datacron (Blue Matrix Shard), X: -10 Y:-12 Z:324*, Sewer Maintenance System (Group Area)
Description: It is located to the right behind the B3-4T Disposal Droid (Bossmob) – you have to defeat it first. Way is guarded by several elite mobs and other nasty critters.

4)Datacron (Presence +4), X,Y: (650, 13). Map area: Hutta (Island in the norh-west above “The Rusty Yards”) Galactic History 2: Ancient Civilisations
Description: To get here you have to follow the pipeline at X,Y: (496,12).

Coruscant (Republic only)

1) Datacron (Presence+4), X: 2319 Y:472 Z:1051*, Map area: Old Galactic Market.
Description: To get here just go to the highest platform, and you will see it.

2) Datacron (Cunning +4), X: 1022 Y:-1036 Z:-3970*, Map area: Old Galactic Market.
Description: This one is a little tricky. (Begin at X:1034 Y:-1062 Z:3979. To get here First you need to jump on some crates, all the way up to a pipe. Run along the pipe,
and them jump opwards, from pipe to pipe. Then you run to the end of the top pipe, and just on the huge pipe to the left of you. Then jump on the lower pipe and run to the
final platform. The Datacron is ontop of a brown container. (need to revisit to confirm Eretrios cords (“Justicar Territory” map at (X=1289 Y=3969))

3) Datacron (Endurance +4), X: -3626 Y:-1293 Z: 151*, Map area: Black Sun Territory (on a platform left of the Silent Sun Cantina)
Description: This one is a little tricky. (Begin at XYZ –adding in an hr.) First you need to jump up to the first platform on crates, then run to the broken pipes, jump on the first on,
run to the balcony on the right, then take the second pipe back to the platform, then jump onto the top of the sign (careful not to get stuck), then jump down to the next platform and
there is your datacron!

4) Datacron (Strength +4)
Map area: Jedi Temple – Mezzanine (X: -3005 Y:3030)
Description: Just access the mezzanine area using the broken giant column. Then follow the wall unclockwise till you get to Darth Sith Anev Xydes. Then jump down to the broken arch where the holocron is.

5)Datacron (Yellow Shard), X,Y: (3744, -4473). Map area: Coruscant : Worker (cursor coord)
Start : 1341 4415 (cursor coord)

Dromund Kaas (Empire only)

1) Dromund Kaas Yellow Matrix Shard X: 609 Y:1729, Map area: Top of Waterfall.
Description: You have to enter a hidden path from X: 780 Y:1700

2) After leaving the starport keep huging the left wall, you should arrive at a narrow passage through the mountains. Follow it to the end and a + stat datacron awaits.

3) In the area where the crazy droid researching sith, search the north eastern part of the compound, you should find a passage through the mountains. Don’t remember what datacron it was.

4) Southeast of the above area, there is an area with a lot of wild beasts. In the southwestern part, there is 2 pens with bosses in them and a beast handler. Near that spot is a path through the mountain that leads to another boss and a datacron

5) Before entering the tunnel leading to the camp in front of the dark temple, turn arround and follow the road. Keep an eye on the left side, there should be a datacron on a rock.

Taris (Republic)
1) Datacron (Aim +4 ) X: -1513 Y:-272 Z:-255*, Map area: Republic Resettlement Zone
Description: This one is a little tricky: (Start cords: X: -1365 Y:-195 Z:-215*). Follow the narrow path along the wall on your right passed first platform passed second platform, and jump down on the ship (the orange area), jump down on the pipe on the other side. Run to the end of this one and jump down on the platform underneath. Now run around with the wall on your left, until you can see the Datacron behead you to the left though at hole in the structure. Jump down. At this point just head down to the datacron.

2) Map : The Sinking City (X: 4, Y: -200)
Accessed is from Ruins of Dynamet General (X: -77, Y: -376). An emergency exit is hidden behind some crates.

3)Datacron RED GLOW Gal History entry 24(Cunning +4), X:1048 Y:-189 Z:453 . Planet Taris Map area: The Tularan Marsh Seen from Brejiks Run outpost. Republic.
Description: A bit of running and jumping to get here:P Start Loc is X:1042 Y:-190 Z:453
Jump up on the big oranage pipe behind scavanger base. Run on the brown part untill the end, here is a little tricky jump on to the thicker grey bit. Now walk off to the very end of pipe and you should see a little area where you can squzze up. Just Nudge yourself up there. Jump on to the Platform over the pipe and go around the wall’s corner to the next platform. You should now see the red glow from the datacron. Walk to the edge next to you so you almost face the water tower and jump down on the platform before you… if you look at it you will see its kind of U shaped run now, just follow all the way to datacron.  Enjoy your New Galactic history entry 24 and +4 cunning.

Taris (Empire)

1)Datacron (Cunning +4, to be verified)

Map: The Tularan Marsh (x: 1440, Y: 445)

Starting point is X: 1570, Y: 250, climb up the giant pipe to the higher level. Head left on the platforms path. Follow the wall in front of you, heading right. You should soon see the red holocron on your right. But to get it, you will have to do a big circle. Keep following the path along the wall, till you can jump down to another giant beam on your right. Rest of the journey should be obvious

Nar Shaddaar

1)Nikto Sector Position -3361/-3313 way starts -3305/-3399

2) Datacron (Presence +6)
Map : Red Light Sector (Nar Shada) X: 3520, Y: -3290 (look up on the hanging platformsfor the green datacron) Access to this one is inside the G4 quest Nar Shada Blood Sport map. I’ll have to return there to note the cords of the starting point (It’s where you can hear the well known holocron sound). You have then to climp up a box, then go up on the curtain. You can now exit the instance with a special elevator which leads to the upper part of the starting zone where the holocron is.

3)industrial sector->upper office atrium->lower office atrium->network security / 1795 / -1577 / 3108

4)Strength +6 X: 2364 Y: 3105, Map area: Shadow Town (You can see it though a gate).
Description : Starting point is X: 2395, Y: 3056, in front of a tank. Goal is to access an elevator which is on a upper platform on your left, across the street. From the tank, jump to the beam, then a small tank, than another beam. Follow the beam along the wall. Jump to the pipe and follow another pipe to cross the street.
Head back on another pipe to finally access the platform where the elevator is.

5)Datacron Green GLOW (pressece +6), X:- Y:- Z:- . Planet Nar Shaddar Map area: Redlight District. Republic. Description The entry to this one is in a totally different place its actually located in a area called Gauntlet Gang Area you go here to do the 4man quest Blood sports. When you hit Cords X:3685 Y:-1521 Z:1341 You jump on the railing then up on a container. from container you jump up some cloth and run up on it to the walkway as you are there there should be some elevator looking door and one of them you can actually use. Get to Stripwalk i think it was called and when you exit the doors you should see the green glowing Datacron infront of you pick up and enjoy thanx to Jimmy/Indoria for tips.

6)Start in Duros Slum on Nar Shaddaar (Empire) at X:1618 Y:-3176 Z:-2682 Jump on the crates to the top then on the girders to the first platform. Then on the thing which looks like a roof to the 2nd platform. You’ll find an elevator, take it. Then on your left, close to the wall, jump on the edge and follow it, you should see the Datacron from here. Small jump to pass the corner. Jump on the other girder when you are above it.And finally, the hard jump to the final girder to the Datacron. Datacron Presence +6


1) Datacron (Aim +6), (Map cords broken at datacron actual location, but it is in The Dune Sea)

(Start cords: X,Y: (-726,862), Map: Jundland). Follow the path up though the Transport ship Crash site (Group Area). Hug the wall to your left until you get to an overview point of The Dune Sea. You will see some broken parts next to the edge (-1083,707). Looking over the edge you will see the datacron laying on rubble halfway down the mountain. Jump down and grab it.

2+3) Two Datacrons (+X stat and +X stat) X,Y (-3200, -637) – This is by fare the most time consuming one I have found. Have you seen the Jawa balloon flying around The Dune Sea? Jup, you need to board it fly to all the way around the map until you finally are above the Sand crawler with the datacron.

Then you just jump down and grab them! You board the Jawa Balloon at (-3168,774) the roof of another sand crawler. Then you just sit back and enjoy the ride and the scenery. It takes a while. 5 minutes to be exact. Enjoy!

4) Anchorhead, veritying now (Rep only)

5) Datacron (+6 Cunning) X:-403, Y:-3910 (on a roof). Description: To get up on the roof tops you started out at X:-684, Y:3877.

6) Tatooine

1480 ; 33
-1901 ; -634 (*2)
7)Tatooine: 624, 199 (Map area: Jundland?) To get there, jump of the cliffs at: 625,349 and take a long walk through the dungeon. Should give +6 Willpower I think.


1) In the northern part of alderaan(first empire area) there is a dam(ENE partof the map). You should be able to see the datacron really easy in the middle of the damn, just walk arround the damn and drop down from top. Was + str i think. (suspect this is empire only)

2) Middle map of alderaan(i.e. east of the palace with the endboss). In the middle of this map is a lake, and in this lake is an island with a +10 aim datacron. To get there you need to take the broken lift going there form the mountains. The jump to get on the lift can be tricky.

3)+6 presence loc : 1537 ; -280 You need to ride a Thranta, she will fly to her lair, where you find the holocron.

Thranta loc : 1187 ; -220 Maybe imp only because all thranta are tagged imp

4)Alderaan, Map: Kaamos Territory, Map Location: 2192, 380, -2019, Strength +10 Description: Jump down the damn from the top.

Balmorra (Republic)

1)Rep side, on Balmorra, there’s a datacron in the Colicoid Queen’s nest, behind the big Colicoid Sapper. I have no idea how to reach it as it’s behind a ledge.

I managed to pass the ledge and I got to the Datacron. I entered an area called The Maintenance Tunnels, the datacron itself gives +3 endurence.

It’s located: Cursor (over it) = -410, -292 / Player (next to it) = -446, -292 (height:-43).

Balmorra (Empire)

1) Southern map, in the SW is a warehouse. In the basement is a forcefield with 2 switches. Get 2 players to use the switches at the same time and you can reach the matrix

shard datacron behind it. Matrix shard: Gorinth Canyon, Neebray Warehouse

Coords: (-500, 2038), in the basement needs 2 players,…

2) Northern Area, the one with all the bugs. Leave the imperial camp heading east, crossing that lake. You should find a path leading into the mountains.

You will find a junk trader, buy the 5k credit key item form him. Head back to the imperial camp, go north and search the bridges there for a chest. With the key you can open it.

NOTE: It might be enough if one person buys the key. If you want to buy my key, send me a tell/mail.

3)Balmorran arms factory – Power center: (190,183)

It’s under the bridge with the shuttle on it. gives +4 cunning.

4)+ 4 Stat Bonus: Bugtown

Coords: chest(448,-335), vendor with key(736,-161)


1) +10 end (1121,775), in a cave, entrance at (1346, 790)

2) +10 pre (1300, -135), to get there find the hole in the fence on the northern side

3)Datacron (Cunning +10), (X;Y): (1317;-140). Map area: Quesh (It is located within a fenced off area, and the entrance can be found on the northern side)

4) 555,163 Strength +4  get up and follow the wall round start at 461,147 (in live)

1)On Hoth, on the far right side of Hoth, at one point Republic players will have to go to the wreck of the Star of Coruscant. In the area “Fore Section”, at the end of the big hangar you will find a very slow elevator that lifts you up to the highest level of the room where there are lots of containers, including some moving ones hanging from the ceiling.

You gotta jump from one moving container to another in a pretty hard path (if you miss a jump you gotta start again) and the containers move VERY slowly.

The Datacron itself gives +10 Cunning. It glows orange.There is no location there, the X/Y aren’t working. I can only give my personal location: X:3144, Y:-12, Z:475. EDIT: the upper level is considered to be in the general map of Hoth, I can give the location from the lower level. It’s cursor: 3214, 475. But very high up when you enter the room.

You hear the specific datacron sound when you enter the big hangar anyway.


1)Found one on Belsavis, Area The Tomb. Position(-1691;-2234), +10 Aim

Description: This on is inside a volcano. To the east of the volcano you can climb up onto the edge. From there you should be able to see a small transparent walkway running to the island with the datacron. If you want to exit without teleporting/dieing, there is a teleporter on the island that leads to a cave north of the imperial camp in the SW. So activate that one before you go there. Note that you need to finish the a quest to unlock the teleporters.


1) Near Voss-KA +10 WP. Very easy to reach. When you fly back from the east of the map to Voss-ka, the fly crosses a tunnel. If you are not AFK, at the end of the tunnel you can quickly see a vry bright light that seems to be a Datachron. And it’s one !

So once landed. Step back and try to get down jumping on the cliff rocks without dying. I’m not a mario hardcore and i did it ok on 1st trial.

If you have any edits or extra information please post it in our comments ad we will add it to this post! 


  1. Your numbers on Tython are messed up I think. For example, there is no X of 600. Also, the one that says it's in the Forge Remnants has coordinates in the Flesh Raider Territory.

  2. Also, on Tython's #1 datacron, I got +2 willpower...