Friday, October 21, 2011

The exploits of Mandaloriangirl Q&A

Site name: The exploits of Mandaloriangirl
Name: Mandalorian girl
Started: October 2010

SWTOR Face: In your words, how would you describe your site? Do you have a particular focus or interest?

Mandalorian girl: My site is a fan-fiction blog focused on the Old Republic Era. My current tale chronicles a Mandalorian girl and her companions as they travel the galaxy in search of a Sith Apprentice and the pieces of an ancient artifact. The story is told from the Mandalorian girl's point of view.

SWTOR Face: When did you start blogging (about any topic)?

Mandalorian girl: Actually, this is my first blog. I never really thought that I had much to blog about, but then it hit me that a blog would be the perfect place to tell a Star Wars story. I started with the idea that no one would want to read it and that it would simply be a way for me to pass the time; be creative, but as I started to gain readers, it made me want to keep writing. I began to think, “Hey, blogging isn't so bad!”

SWTOR Face: When did you start writing Star Wars fan fiction?

Mandalorian girl: I have always loved Star Wars and there has always been ideas floating around in my mind, but technically, this is the first one that I have ever written down.

SWTOR Face: What, if any, MMOs have you played?

Mandalorian girl: None. I have mostly been a console gamer, so SWTOR will be my first MMO.

SWTOR Face: What was your first Star Wars experience?

Mandalorian girl: Star Wars has always been a part of my life. I was born in the late seventies and so I grew up watching the original movies and playing with the toys. I Had Luke Skywalker posters on my wall, so it is hard to say what my first experience was. I can't remember a time when it wasn't there.

SWTOR Face: Why Mandalorian?

Mandalorian girl: My first experience with Mandalorians was Boba Fett. I simply fell in love with his confidence, his look, his armor and his weapons. By the time I had come across Canderous Ordo from KOTOR and then the stories created by Karen Traviss, I was totally hooked! I researched everything I could find about them. I loved their culture, their strong sense of family, their strength and their “Never say die” attitude. Once I had discovered Mandalorians, my heart was lost.

SWTOR Face: What excites you the most about the stories from the SWTOR time frame?

Mandalorian girl: I love the rawness of it. The stories are rich and full of battles. There is so much room in that time period to play around with. The Jedi and Sith seemed to be more robust and edgy. They used the Force as it was meant to be used. It is like the wild west of Star Wars.

SWTOR Face: How do you keep track of elements from the Star Wars Galaxy for your writing (characters, species, locations of planets, events in the timeline etc)?

Mandalorian girl: Lots of research. I read the books and search the web. I write down everything and keep timelines/logs on things I find. Even though my stories are not cannon, I want to keep the feel of it as cannon as possible. I try to keep facts and timelines of Star Wars history as closely as I can. I don't want a mixed up story. I want my character to be a legitimate part of Star Wars. This story is my way of being part of the Star Wars Universe and so I do my best to make it a believable aspect of the time period.

SWTOR Face: Have you ever thought of writing a background story for a player character?

Mandalorian girl: I haven't had a chance to do that yet, but I always like to know the characters that I create for things, so I may decide to give whatever character/characters I play in the upcoming MMO a little bit of a history.

SWTOR Face: What are your long term plans for your writing? Where do you see your blog heading?

Mandalorian girl: I plan to keep this story going for a long time to come. My characters will continue until their mission comes to an end and then, who knows? I certainly plan on continuing to blog. There will always be another Star Wars story to tell. I have played around with stories in my head, for some of my current main character's descendents, so we will see where the story takes me.

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