Friday, October 21, 2011

In space, no one can hear you gank. on IGN


Two massive ships hover over a snowy valley. Between them, in a parallel line on the ground, are three turret installations. A counter ticks down, and when it reaches zero, two teams of players board speeder bikes and fly through the map, quickly passing each turret before landing on the ground. The teams divide up and surge towards the turrets, where a battle ensues.

The goal of the Alderaan Warzone is to hold a majority of the turrets for a majority of the time. Capturing a turret is easy -- it's just a matter of clicking on the turret's controls and letting a counter tick down for a few seconds. Unfortunately, it's even easier to interrupt a turret capture. Any damage dealt to a player while they capture interrupts the capturing process, forcing them to start again. Read on

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