Friday, October 21, 2011

The Old Republic's Trooper is a Monster on IGN:

Depending on which advanced class you pick, more options are opened up. At level 10 you can branch your class one of two ways. The Trooper can become a defensive-minded Vanguard, or a damage-dealing Commando. I went Commando, mostly because it meant I could then use the obscenely oversized assault cannons, which when stood on end are about three quarters the size of my character model.

Surprise surprise, I was rewarded with yet more area of effect attack options. The Hail of Bolts ability can blankets an area with blaster fire for a sustained period of time. Used directly after the Mortar Volley, it was incredibly effective at knocking out weak enemies. A Plasma Grenade was eventually made available, that detonates and spreads fire to additional targets to burn them over time for even more damage. By the time I stopped playing the beta, I felt confident going into any encounters, and was impressed with how much more powerful I felt at level 18 than I did even at level 10. read on

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