Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Star Wars MMO Q&A

Site name: Star Wars MMO
URL: http://swmmo.blogspot.com/
Name: Dave Seager
Started: April 2011
Type: News and opinions, blog, media

SWTOR Face: In your words, how would you describe your site? Do you have a particular focus or interest?

Dave Seager: The site is really a fan blog about SWTOR. The focus at the moment is just SWTOR news, although I do have an interest in trade skills, making credits and the various classes I am most enamoured with. I try to comment upon what is happening with the news, and give my own views on things. The site also has a bias toward Europe, given that is where I am from, specifically the UK, so I am keenly interested in any news about EU or UK testing.

After release I intend to skew the site more towards the classes I play in SWTOR, and professions and credits-making.

SWTOR Face: How many people work on your blog/site (including writers, editors, webmaster, etc)?

Dave Seager: Just myself and those fine people behind blogger.com.

SWTOR Face: When did you start blogging (about any topic)?

Dave Seager: I started blogging in September 2007 on a blog I never publicized. I started blogging in May 2008 on flameshock.blogspot.com, which was a WoW Shaman blog which got linked a few times here and there, and had various guides and tales of my exploits.
SWTOR Face: When did you start blogging about SWTOR?

Dave Seager: I started Swmmo in April 2011 after getting seriously interested in The Old Republic, and reading a lot of info on sites like Darth Hater. I thought I might want to blog about the game post launch, like I had been doing for WoW, and so thought why wait.

SWTOR Face: What, if any, MMOs have you played?

Dave Seager: The very first MMO I played was Everquest after it had been going for a while. I remember being amazed that I was in this fantasy world, playing with other people all around me. Oh, and that I had fallen down a hole into a high-level area and couldn't get to my corpse to get my stuff back any more. After EQ I played Dark Ages of Camelot a fair bit until I got bored of the grinding, then Star Wars Galaxies where I turned my hand to making profits in the speeder vehicle market. I left SWG before all the changes. Finally I picked up World of Warcraft when it released, and have been playing ever since. I've dabbled in open betas of a lot of games such as Star Trek Online, City of Villains, Lord of the Rings Online, Lego Universe, etc. 

SWTOR Face: Are you attracted to SWTOR because of the gaming experience, Star Wars, or both?

Dave Seager: Mostly because SWTOR promises to be Knights Of The Old Republic but in an MMO. KOTOR is probably my favourite game of all time, and was totally amazing when I played it back in 2003. The promise of an MMO with the sort of story telling and quality that KOTOR had was very enticing.
I have now also played Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins, and I have to say, if TOR is any where near as good as those titles, we're in for a treat.

SWTOR Face: What is your most memorable experience in gaming?

Dave Seager: Probably when it was revealed that you were Revan, in KOTOR. I was not expecting that at all and the twist was awesome.
SWTOR Face: What was your first Star Wars experience?

Dave Seager: Watching the original trilogy on TV over Christmas. In the UK in the 1980s, the TV channels seemed to show one or all of the Star Wars films every single Christmas, so I just had to watch. We also taped them on VHS, so I would watch them during the year too. I don't think I ever had it revealed to me that Darth Vader was Luke's father, I just sort-of knew from years of exposure to ESB.

SWTOR Face: Republic or Empire?

Dave Seager: Empire. I like playing the bad guy, and the Sith in TOR look like they are truly bad(ass). Plus the prequel trilogy is a lot about Palpatine manipulating the Republic so he can form the Empire while the Jedi stand by clueless, he is the man. Training someone who is prophesied to bring balance to the force when you have thousands of light-side force users and only a handful of dark-side force users shouldn't sound appealing to the light-side users, but those Jedi went with it anyway, and look what happened.
SWTOR Face: What excites you most about SWTOR?

Dave Seager: For me, SWTOR is another crack at playing a Star Wars MMO, but a theme park one with Bioware polish rather than the sand box style of SWG. I think Bioware's RPGs are probably the best RPGs I've played, so I have really high hopes for SWTOR.


Dave Seager.

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