Saturday, November 12, 2011

SWTOR BETA for Everyone!

Big news this weekend, anyone who has signed up for SWTOR BETA Pre 11.11.11 WILL Get in to Beta! not only that but Bioware will be giving away lots of Beta keys through selected fan sites.

** UPDATE!**
Gold Post:
When we started our Beta Testing Weekends, we told you that each weekend would include more testers than the last. We’re excited to announce that later this month we will be conducting our largest Beta Testing Weekend yet, specifically designed to help us stress test our servers in preparation for the launch of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

How can you take part in this coming Beta Test Weekend? Well, for starters we are happy to announce that anyone who has signed up for our Game Testing Program prior to today, November 11th, will get invited! Invites will be sent in the coming weeks.

For people who haven’t signed up for our Game Testing Program, you can also get into the Beta Stress Test Weekend through a series of promotions. Be sure to check out the following websites for your chance to grab a Beta Test Weekend Code:

Keep your eyes on these sites for your chance to get a Beta Test Weekend Code, as well as how to redeem the code and get into the Beta Test Weekend. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to get the latest news about Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

Have question you must?
Read FAQ's you will!

Does this announcement mean I can play Star Wars: The Old Republic this weekend?

No it does not, unless you have a previous testing invite - either to this weekend or to general Game Testing. The Beta Testing Weekend we are referring to will happen in the next few weeks.

When will the Beta Testing Weekend start?

It will happen in the next few weeks. We'll have an announcement on the exact timing closer to the weekend's start.

Will this be the final Beta Testing Weekend?

Currently, we expect it to be.

Will I be able to download the game client in advance of the weekend?

Yes, we will be sending out invites to download the game client in advance of the weekend.

I have previously tested Star Wars: The Old Republic. Will I get invited to the upcoming Beta Testing Weekend?

Yes, you will. Every person that is signed up and opted in for Game Testing before November 11th will be invited to this Beta Testing Weekend.

What if I do not live in a launch country for Star Wars: The Old Republic?

As long as you are signed up and opted in for testing, you will be invited to test.

What if I have not signed up, or opted in for testing by November 11th?

We are partnering with a number of games media sites worldwide to give away Beta Test Weekend Codes. They are listed in this article. If you receive a code from any of these sites, you will need to sign up on to redeem that code. Further instructions are listed in the post directly below this one.

Should I try and get a key from a media partner, just in case?

If you were already signed up for testing before November 11th, you do not need an additional key. By taking a key, you'll deny someone else a chance to test the game - so please do not apply for a key you will not need!

If you have further questions, please ask them in this thread and we'll try to answer them.

For North America:
Ten Ton Hammer

For United Kingdom:
PC Gamer

For Nordic Regions (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden):
Daily Rush

For Germany:

For France:


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