Wednesday, November 09, 2011

SWTOR Fansite Q&A The Niquisition

Site name: The Niquisition
Guild Website: N/A
Twitter: @The_Niquisition
Name: Niq Fenstermacher
Started: April 8, 2011
Type: Fan site, Blog, Video: Informational Blog,

SWTOR Face: In your words, how would you describe your site? Do you have a particular focus or interest?
Niq: The Niquisition is a personal blog about my experiences healing in TOR as a Corruption Sorcerer. It's also a "resource" site because, when I'm not ranting about class nerfs or raging about wiping at 1%, I'll be sharing some theorycrafting information as well as other helpful tips/tricks on healing in TOR. I'll be progressing through end-game hard-core so content and tips will be current and "advanced"

SWTOR Face: How many people work on your blog/site (including writers, editors, webmaster, etc)?
Niq: For now, just me. There are some ideas for guest posts in the future, but nothing I could implement until post-launch.

SWTOR Face: When did you start blogging (about any topic)?
Niq: October 31, 2010 is when my first blog post went up on my, now retired, resto druid WoW blog called The Grove. So it's been just over a year now!

SWTOR Face: When did you start blogging about SWTOR?
Niq: April 2011

SWTOR Face: What, if any, MMOs have you played?
Niq: WoW was pretty much my life, my love, and my lady for the past 6+ years. Thought, I dabbled in RIFT and EQ *briefly*

SWTOR Face: Are you attracted to SWTOR because of the gaming experience, Star Wars, or both?
Niq: Both. I've been into Star Wars for as long as I can remember. I didn't see the original trilogy in theaters, sadly, but I did see them before the "changes" and will always remember them as they were.

SWTOR Face: What is your most memorable experience in gaming?
Niq: My first guild, The Returners of Durotan-US. Oh the memories...

SWTOR Face: What was your first Star Wars experience?
Niq: After watching the movies, my older brother and I went to the backyard to have a lightsaber fight with sticks... I lost.

SWTOR Face: Republic or Empire?
Niq: My motivations are my own, but the Empire's resources better serve my needs.

SWTOR Face: What excites you most about SWTOR?
Niq: Lightsabers!!!! And evil healing *cackle*

I'm really looking forward to seeing this site flourish in the community.

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