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SWTOR Fansite Yufmelt Q&A

Site name:  Yumfmelt “You have failed me for the last time.”
Guild Website:
Twitter: @Yufmelt
Name: Austen Courpet
Started: June 2010
Type: Fan site, Blog, Video,

SWTOR Face: In your words, how would you describe your site? Do you have a particular focus or interest?Austen: is a resource site where people can find the latest news and discussion surrounding Star Wars: The Old Republic, the first MMO developed by BioWare and LucasArts. It is also a place where people can find articles, video guides, and people who are passionate about both video games and Star Wars. Yufmelt stands for one of our favorite Star Wars quotes: “You have failed me for the last time.” Everyone that works on is a diehard Star Wars fan and enjoys the lore, games, films, novels – we love it all! Leading up to the launch of SWTOR we have focused on working out the look and feel of our website, and after launch we will be dedicating our time to creating more videos like our series Yufmelt Shot First and more articles for our readers to enjoy.
SWTOR Face: How many people work on your blog/site (including writers, editors, webmaster, etc)?

Austen: started with two gamers who had a vision of creating an awesome website encompassing SWTOR - Austen Courpet and Brian Chapman. Brian tends to handle the webmaster side of things but he is also someone who has great passion for Star Wars, gaming, and graphic design. Austen loves Star Wars, writing, and filmmaking, so it's kind of like a match made in heaven. Yufmelt has also received help from other members in the SWTOR community and from great friends like Eric Day, Patrick Purvis, Rebekah Courpet, and Adam Nelson. We are always willing to add to our staff of writers, video creators, and friends, so anyone interested should always feel welcome to contact us.

SWTOR Face: When did you start blogging (about any topic) and 
When did you start blogging about SWTOR?

Austen: While the minds behind Yufmelt have always been creative writers, our first foreray into blogging was actually regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic. It has been an interesting experience, and has taught us a lot about social media which plays a vital role in the SWTOR community, especially Twitter. It is amazing to know that while we started blogging about SWTOR in 2010, there have been others who have already been doing it a year or more before us. There are some really passionate people surrounding this game and that is a good thing for everyone. We hope we can contribute to that sense of community in our own way.

SWTOR Face: What, if any, MMOs have you played?
Austen: I guess we could give you a long list of MMOs that we have played, but we've probably tested or played over a dozen or so MMOs. Up until this point World of Warcraft has probably been the one that we have played for the longest period of time, but we are quite familiar with all aspects of MMOs including role-playing, PvP, PvE, trading, etc.

SWTOR Face: Are you attracted to SWTOR because of the gaming experience, Star Wars, or both?
Austen: Star Wars: The Old Republic looks to be the most awesome gaming experience of our generation. I know some people like to say that, “It's Star Wars, you have to play it,” but that doesn't make a game good. The fact that BioWare is behind it, a company that truly understands Role-Playing Games and creating cinematic experiences, should really entice people to pay attention to this game. Having played the game before launch at conventions, it was clear that BioWare wanted to redefine what it meant to quest in the MMOs genre without breaking away from the conventions that make it so popular. People like a sense of achievement, that's why single player games like Battlefield and Call of Duty have integrated RPG elements and “unlocks” into their games. It's why Xbox Live and Steam track player accomplishments. BioWare is going to be the first MMO that players are going to look back on and tell their friends, “You have to play that game, it has an awesome story.” I can't wait to see what BioWare and LucasArts have in store for us.

SWTOR Face: What is your most memorable experience in gaming?
Austen: Sometimes the most painful multiplayer experiences are the longest-lived; however, it's when you experience them with your friends that they become truly memorable. Nothing can erase those memories of Guild Wars where we accomplished a quest with only two people by slowly killing one monster at a time, or the memory of trying to complete the last stage of a Left 4 Dead map with only two human characters for six hours, or the sense of accomplishment for being one of the first teams to take down a Raid Boss in Star Trek Online. If we're talking about single player experiences, completing a Final Fantasy game always seems to make it toward the top, and the Portal and Half-Life games bring gameplay and story to the table. Back in the golden years of LucasArts, games like Jedi Knight and Tie Fighter were also some of the best games around. Now together with BioWare, I think we're going to get the best of both worlds.

SWTOR Face: What was your first Star Wars experience?

Austen: For most of us gamers born in the 80's, the movies were probably our first Star Wars experiences. Because they were rated PG we could watch them at a young age, and because they were on video, it meant we watched them over and over and over and over again. The films left a strong impression on us about the struggle between good and evil, friendship, and of course about lightsabers and the Force. I think it is hard for most of us to imagine that there are people who have never watched the films.

SWTOR Face: Republic or Empire?Austen: FOR THE REPUBLIC!

SWTOR Face: What excites you most about SWTOR?

Austen: What excites us most about Star Wars: The Old Republic is putting together Raid (Operation) teams to take on the hardest challenges in the game. We are proudly sponsored by our affiliated guild Paragon of I think that after we play all of the classes and experience all of the stories that BioWare has created for us, we are going to want to focus on beating up those baddies that threaten the galaxy – and then make videos about them for Yufmelt of course!

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