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SWTOR Official Information on Player Ranks

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xCOLBYJACKx asked:

I just realized something that I'm now curious about: Jedi in the movies were given military ranks (Commander for Padawans, General for Knights and Masters) in the Clone Wars because they took a direct role in the war and were responsible for leading the troops for the most part.

Since the Jedi are also taking an active role in this war, do they have the rank of General/commander as well? I know the two situations aren't identical, but they are somewhat similar at least in terms of severity and scale. Also, if all the Jedi are generals/commanders, does that mean we can boss Troopers around?

I suspect that all the Sith will be considered of higher status in some way than their non-force using cohorts, though to what extent I'm not sure. Experience counts for more than anything of course, even in the Clone wars, but the title still meant that the Jedi had the last say on most calls.

AlexanderFreed's Reply

Good question, and I'll just reiterate what most of the responders have already surmised:

Jedi do not receive any military rank or authority simply by being Jedi. If a Jedi is involved in a military operation, his or her position is essentially determined by the Republic authorities involved--a general might request a Jedi advisor when going up against a Sith Lord, but turning command of an entire army over to even a Jedi Master would be a rare decision. Jedi expecting immediate cooperation from Republic military personnel may get it--even in these relatively dark times, many people still honor and respect the Jedi--but such cooperation is ultimately voluntary.

There may be a few Jedi out there with military ranks, but they've earned them specially.

Sith, of course, are a completely different matter. Sith aren't technically part of the military hierarchy, but they are the undisputed rulers of the Empire. Their commands are to be obeyed. (But this doesn't mean an apprentice just out of the Academy can go around Force-choking Moffs. The military might not take action against an unruly apprentice, but his master sure would--and if she didn't, she'd be hearing from the Dark Council.)

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