Wednesday, November 02, 2011

SWTOR Ranged VS Melee "You'll die"

The Question was asked: Jedi Consular How will the sage fair against up close melee characters?

And GeorgZoeller replyed :

You'll die.

To elaborate on this: If you try to outdamage any of the melee DPS classes at close range. 2 lightsabers > 1 lightsaber; Heavy Armor > light armor; Tons of powerful melee moves > small number of melee moves.

Sure, most of your abilities will still work close range, but you have a distinct advantage when they are at range, so you're going to have to make sure these guys don't make it into melee range or, if they make it, don't make it with enough health or stay there long enough to get their really powerful attacks off.

Sounds good to me as any range you have to kite... But Emperor Palpatine thinks GeorgZoeller is wrong...

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