Friday, November 25, 2011

SWTOR Weapon Modification and Upgrade Video Guide

After making numerous mistakes in Beta with loot, I am finally at the stage where I think I understand how it works and how best to use the system. Rather than you making the same mistakes with your squeaky clean toons, I thought I'd put this guide together. I tell you now, a Trandoshan hunter gets really annoyed when you sell his primary weapon to a vendor and give him a crappy green because you think it's an upgrade! If you think it's bad to upset a Wookie, you haven't met a pissed off Trandoshan yet! So if you want to keep your relationship in good standing with all your companions, and get the most out of your experience in SWTOR, check out this video guide.


  1. Really nice video, guides like this are needed as us ex-WoWers try to get into the game.

  2. Thanks bro Ill be doing my best to cover it all!