Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 Quick Tips for Playing SWTOR

1. Always bind. These stations can be discovered and are used with your Quick Travel skill. Unlike in other MMOs, you are not bound to a specific location. You can use the Quick Travel skill to travel to any of the stations you've found. The icon on your map for these stations looks like the universal power symbol. You can also see the location of these stations by using your Quick Travel skill, pulling up a handy map.

2. Cantinas are your friend. These are rest zones and give you rest xp. You can usually find a binding station inside.

3. You cannot enter story phases in combat. Remember this and it may save you some heartache.

4. There are only benefits to excess light or dark points. I learned the hard way that playing neutral doesn't get you far. Instead, you'll be jealous of all your friends when they get nifty gear and titles when you're stuck at 500 light and dark.

5. Hero story bosses are much easier to solo when you're their level. So don't get frustrated if you're not able to solo them otherwise.

Happy gaming!

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