Friday, December 09, 2011

Full Jedi Consular Companion List and Gifts

I just finished SWTORFace's Companion list and today we will look at the Jedi Consular Companion List. Knowing what your companion likes and hates will help you a lot ingame. We have a full list of gifts with every companion too. I found Nadia Grell to be a good companion but my God, her complaining! It was like dating a dumb chick in high school ...

Companions are going to play a massive part in your experience in SWTOR. Whether you use your companion to craft, or gather, or to tank for you, or even heal you, you'll never be alone. Much more than a simple pet, companions will share their opinions during your experience and judge you on your decisions.

You'll be able to customize their look and all their armor and weapons in the same way that you can customize your own look and gear. During your journeys in SWTOR you'll even get custom items for specific companions.

Every character, by the time they've finished the main story line, will have access to five companions in total. Every class has five different companions which are unlocked as you progress. Whether you choose to journey with a companion because of their special skills, or just because you like their company, it's totally up to you. Some players may even choose their main character's class based on the companions connected to a class, but the five different companions attached to each class represent one from each of the five skill sets (DPS, tank, heals, etc).

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