Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting the Most out of Crafting

I've got to the stage where I have most of my crafting and Missions up to the mid-200 level.

I'm really seeing the necessity of sticking tot he triangles when crafting. I picked up artifact, treasure hunting and archaeology. Artifice is the crafting portion of my three skills, archaeology is the gathering/Mission combination and treasure hunting is the pure Mission portion.

What I discovered is that archaeology provides me with all the basics mats I need to craft a lot of the  artifice  items. If I want to craft any special items like yellow high quality lightsaber crystals, I need to collect those using treasure hunting. Without having the triangle skills I wouldn't be able to craft all the items I want. Plus, treasure hunting is providing me with the high demand items that people want.

I've also received a few purple quality Krayt Dragon pearls which will allow me to make epic level lightsaber crystals once I discover the pattern. You discover new patterns by reverse engineering items you've crafted.

So if you want to take crafting seriously, I highly recommend you to stick a triangle of skills.

If you're looking for more information on crafting, check out our guide to crafting basics video.


  1. "So if you want to take crafting seriously, I hardly recommend you to stick a triangle of skills."

    Did you mean Highly instead of Hardly? Completely opposite meanings!!

  2. Your right ! thanks for the heads up with the error!

  3. It's artifice, not artifact. Otherwise, nice read!

  4. Thanks Alendar don't know why my editor changed it if I payed her anything I might be able to tell her off but I might just give her the heads up for next time and hope I don't get a backhand to the head for correcting her.

  5. One thing that you didn't mention was that the crafting queue has a maximum depth of 5. Good video.