Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Players Guide to SWTOR eBook Out Now

So for some of you you're already in the game and probably not reading this! For others you are checking to see if you've been granted access in one of the random waves, just waiting to get your feet wet in the game! While you're waiting, or while you're learning the ropes, might I suggest you download this eBook I put together to help new SWTOR players understand the core elements of the game.

Whether you are a veteran MMO player or completely new to this genre of PC gaming, this guide will help you get started and understand the key concept of Companions and their role in the SWTOR galaxy. This guide covers getting set up with the game including the right hardware, a look at the background story and how to choose a server and guild. Key terms and roles for characters like DPS, tank and healer are introduced and inside information gained from over 250 hours of gaming in Beta is set out. The eBook then goes through the options for setting up a character before explaining and detailing the Advanced Class options. Complete lists of information about Companions available to each class is provided including their preferred gifts, which will help you build reputation, unlocking new and exciting Missions. Crafting with Companions, upgrading equipment and mods, keyboard and mouse controls, navigation, tips on Missions, combat, targeting, using Companions in combat and setting up Quick Shots is all explained, plus information on Datacrons and full Maps to planets is included.

Get set for your Galactic adventure! On sale for $2.99 now ... and besides, if you've been enjoying this site pre-launch, this is a great way to support us and in return get some useful advice for yourself.

The eBook is available on Amazon right now and can be read on iPad, iPhones, other smartphones, Kindle, Kobo, Nook and other eReaders.