Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Players Guide to SWTOR

As you find your feet in SWTOR, it's handy to have some inside information.

This guide covers getting set up with the game including:
  • the right hardware
  • a look at the background story
  • how to choose a server and guild
  • key terms and roles for characters like DPS, tank and healer
  • the options for setting up a character
  • Advanced Class options
  • Complete lists of information about Companions
  • preferred gifts
  • Crafting with Companions
  • upgrading equipment and mods
  • keyboard and mouse controls
  • navigation
  • general tips on Missions, combat, targeting
  • using Companions in combat
  • setting up Quick Shots
  • full Maps to planets
This eBook is available on Amazon which means that with the appropriate free app or utility you can look at it on your phone, second monitor, laptop or tablet while you game.
If anything that SWTORFace has posted has ever been useful to you, purchasing the guide is a great way to say thanks ... and ensure I get fed!
Thanks everyone ... and let me know if there is a burning topic you'd like me to put a guide together on.

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