Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sith Warrior Trainer Locations

We’ve all been there; for the first couple of levels there’s a class trainer right next to your class mission and we get lulled into a false sense of security. Then we gain a few levels, hop to a couple of new worlds and next thing we know we can’t find the trainer. You may ask countless times in General chat and get vague instructions and become convinced that you’re being directed by republic spies. So here, from a fellow Sith Warrior, are the locations of the trainers.
Level 1-3
Your first trainer, Veshta is directly inside the building for your first quest. Follow the path from where you arrive in the planet and you will see her on the left hand side before you have to defeat slugs.

Level 3-10
This trainer is one of the easiest to find since you will be directed to him by a quest. He resides on the second floor of the Sith academy. Take the left side stairs and walk straight through the hallway. The trainer (Overseer Rance) is straight ahead of you.

Dromund Kaas
Level 10-15
You will need to travel to Kaas city ( north central part of the map) in order to find this trainer. He is in the Sith sanctum which you take a taxi to from the main part of Kaas city. The Sith sanctum is the building in
the middle. Once you enter the building, the trainer is straight and to the right of the glowing green center. The trainer, Ajaan is directly to the left of the story phase for your class quest.

Level 15-20
This trainer is in the main city, Sobrik. From the spaceport, walk down several steps and he is in the first gated area on your left hand side. Once you pass through the opening of this area, he is on your right. This area is the same area as your class quest, he stands to the right of this door. If you look at your map however, this trainer,Ramesh Kon is on the right/east side of the map.

Nar Shaddaa
Level 20-24
This trainer was the hardest for me to find. He resides in the Promenade sector which you will have to take a taxi to. From the taxi, get to the lower floor and he will be standing to the northwest of the Promenade
Market. Derish is the left most trainer.

There is no trainer in the Orbital Monitoring Station


Level 23-28
This trainer resides in the Mos Ila Market right outside the middle building on the second floor. From the spaceport head down and you’ll see a pathway to your right. Pass the cantina on the right and head down the hill. Move to the right of the center market area and you’ll see the icon pictured below on the second level of a nearby circular building straight and to the right. Head up the spiral stairs and the trainer Lord Undaara is right there.

Level 27-32
This trainer is fairly easy to find. From the spaceport take the right path and continue straight. Once you get to the heart of the market, don’t turn to follow the path. You will see the House of Thul palace in front of you. The trainer is to the left of the palace entrance. On your map, he is located near the House of Thul Taxi on the right side of the market.

These are all of the trainers you will need to find for Chapter 1 of your Sith Warrior journey. May the force be with you in your endevors for the Empire!