Monday, December 05, 2011

SWTOR Beta Screenshot of the day: End of Beta

Saying goodbye to my Beta toon is not easy; I've spent hundreds of hours with this guy ingame and editing videos looking at him and although I'm not finished with videos that I have shot with him, it's still sad saying goodbye. SWTORFACE the Jedi Consular will live on and continue to teach 1000's of Jedi as they stumble through the world that is SWTOR! Look out for him over the next 10 days in some new and helpful videos.


  1. wow, i am very surprised no one has at least commented on how awesome this information is. this is probably one of the most informative videos i have found, thank you.

    a question for you sir. are you able to see what level the mods are in a piece of gear prior to buying it? in this case the mods were one lvl below the item's lvl requirement. in your experience did you notice mods were always usable one lvl below level requirements for the item? did you notice in any cases where mods were usable 2,3, possibly 5 lvls below?

  2. Yes you can see Mod levels and most of the time Mods are 1-4 levels under the item level. keep in mind mod levels do not = levels you can use them at... A lvl 23 hilt is an epic level 50 hilt... I need to do more work on it for a guide.

  3. I'm not entirely sure how my comment ended up under the "End of Beta" post, but obviously it was intended for the Modification video you made.

    Yes, i was afraid item level and character level would be confused in my question. Thank you for the response, keep up the good work!