Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SWTOR Guilds Servers Are Out!

From SWTOR.com:

Member Of: Squad
Assigned to Server The Harbinger

Thank you for your participation in the Pre-Launch Guild Program. At this time, guilds can no longer be created or modified on the website.

If your guild qualified for deployment, it has already been imported into the game. Server assignments can be found by visiting your guild's homepage. If your guild did not meet the deployment requirements, your guild was not imported into the game. Guilds can be created in-game at the Imperial and Republic fleets.

All web support for guilds will be removed by 01.03.12, and we encourage you to save any important data you wish to keep before that time.

For more information, check the Guilds FAQ.

See you at launch!
The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Team

So if you looking for us in game please say hi! We will be taking new members in game too!

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  1. Ha, funny, our guild was assigned to The Harbinger too. Guess we'll see you in game.