Saturday, December 31, 2011

SWTOR Slicing: Post Nerf

Just in from our underground network:

As we all know, slicing was a great money maker before patch 1.0.1 on December 27. Now the big question, is it still worth it to make money. To find out, we did every lockbox crew mission 10 times and came up with the following. On average, the return per mission is only about 10 credits per minute. So with all 4 companions, you are only making around 40 credits a minute. You can get more from a mob at higher levels than from this skill. But there is still a silver lining. If you gather lockboxes and safes as you quests, there is a lot of money to be made. On average from the planet Voss, we were pulling in around 2K per minute just by flying around a loop and gathering the nodes. If I was to start a new character and not worry about my crafting skill till later, this would be a great way to make money by just gathering. So, from a crew mission point of view, this is no longer worth doing, but from a questing point of view, go for it.

Enjoy and happy hunting.

Data from test. All figures are averages. PPM is Profit Per Min. X is the average additional items we got.

A big thanks to our man in the underground Taao for this data.


  1. Slicing missions for lockboxes, however, get you unlock missions for other classes which are the only reliable way I can see to get Purple Metal/Cloth/etc, which you need for top end stuff.

    Said missions are selling for 10k-30k on my server on the AH, so I'd suggest that you DO in fact do your slicing missions.

    I've found myself more likely to get them on Abundant or Rich missions so even at 400 skill I go back to the 2nd to last group of missions as I see those more often there.

    There is profit to be made!

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