Tuesday, December 27, 2011

World PVP in SWTOR With a Twist: Tatooine PVP Zone

The word PVP zone in Tatooine brings a twist to PVP as it's not a faction PVP zone at all; it's a Lawless zone. You can attack anyone in there at all: same faction, same guild, best friend! It's a zone that you will find high end mats in and you can farm them all you want as long as you can stay alive! Is it wrong to kill someone in your faction to stop him/her getting a node you want to harvest? I got to spend a bit of time in there and got lots of level 6 gems and other mats. There was a smuggler in there that I didn't touch. If it was a Sith  and he was after the same things I was, I would not think twice. Don't think I would attack my same faction,  but if the player was taking stuff I wanted to harvest I would show him the light :)

This map shows you where to find the PVP zone on Tatooine.


  1. Same guild cannot attack each other, that is the one mistake the OP made.

  2. Read the warning note on the top screenshot have you tested guild? As the waning says anyone outside your party.

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