Monday, January 09, 2012

Eworks Evolved from Ilum! Proof Found! (and PvP fixes in patch 1.1)

I've been having a lot of fun in PvP over the last couple of weeks, but yesterday was a doozy! I ended up in about twelve warzones in a row, with either no other, or only one other, level 50. Entire groups were made up of low level characters who didn't even have their faster run speed yet. This made for a very frustrating Sunday afternoon as I attempted to finish my daily. Although I was able to get eight or nine medals for most warzones, what I needed was some wins.

Everybody knows that level 50 characters have a distinct advantage over lower level characters and when you're fully decked out in PvP gear this advantage increases dramatically. I have no problems handling two and sometimes even three low level characters in a warzone. The problem is that the system isn't balancing matches by player level, players are chosen randomly. At this stage, on my server, we seem to have more level 50 Sith doing PvP than we do Republic.

The other issue is Ilum. Over the last week I've been able to do my daily missions and even complete my weeklyrelatively easily. I've engaged in PVP a couple of times, and even had my rear end handed to me by trying to capture a point in the battlefield, but last night I discovered the true issue with the Ilum missions. As I approached one of the control points I noticed two Republic players attempting to capture the point and a third player under attack from a Sith. The player was about the die, so I knew I had to do something. Without thinking twice, I jumped in and attacked. I was able to kill the fully PvP-geared Sith Warrior, although he did try and make a run for it to his companions on the other side of the battlefield; but I wasn't going to let him go. To my shock and amazement, after I had killed him, I got a series of abusive whispers from the Rebels who were capturing the spawn point, telling me off for killing the Imperial who had been flipping the spot for them.

For one, he was doing nothing to flip an objective. Two, he was attacking a Republic player. Three, the Imperials that were flipping the point had already done so and were gone. Four, it's a battlefield PvP zone so I was only doing what is surely expected.

The Republic players referred to me as a moron for engaging in PvP in a PvP zone! This guild of players will surely devolve into Ewoks within the next three thousand years. I've never seen so many Care Bears in a PvP zone!

Obviously I don't expect players to do stupid things in PvP zones like trying to attack five Sith when you're by yourself. Nobody likes a trip to the cloner, but open world PvP zones are designed for PvP. If you think that you have the right to go in there and not be attacked, you're kidding yourself. If you think you deserve the right to farm daily missions in a PvP zone and not be attacked, you are truly trying to exploit the system. I have been able to complete all my dailies and weeklies and also engage in PvP. Yes, I have run from large groups of Imperials, but I have no problems taking on two Sith by myself, because I like a challenge!

Should these players and guilds be allowed in these PvP zones? Am I wrong by saying that red = dead?

Thankfully, BioWare are taking moves in patch 1.1 to stop this Care Bear farming. They will also be introducing level 50-only warzones. Guilds like Kyro might need to find new ways to get their gear.

PvP changes in patch 1.1:

Battlemaster Gear Tokens have been converted into Battlemaster Commendations, which can be used to purchase any Battlemaster gear. This allows players to purchase any piece of gear instead of requiring them to purchase the piece indicated by the token.

Battlemaster Bags now contain Battlemaster Commendations instead of Battlemaster Gear Tokens. They still also contain Champion Commendations.

The shuttle room in Dorn Base Command Center on Hoth is no longer considered contested territory.
Ka on Voss is now a PvP Sanctuary.

Level 50 players now participate in their own Warzone bracket and will not be matched with lower-level players.

The daily and weekly mission objectives in Ilum now require defeating enemy players and/or collecting armaments from the center objective.
Players now gain increased Valor from player kills in Ilum.
Players now gain increased bonus Valor for kills based on the number of objectives controlled by their faction.
Increased bonus Valor is now granted for player kills when defending an objective your faction owns.
A notification is now displayed when a player gains Valor.
Three new respawn points have been added for each faction.
Companions are now restricted from the PvP objective area on Ilum.
Notifications are now displayed when enemy players are close to an objective.


  1. There was 7 republic players and 1 empire player there, completing the quest.

    We were discussing the amount of Valor earned in Ilum and the duel was a test to see how much Valor he earned by killing one of us.

    You interfered in a duel by sending your companion on him mid duel and after I died, you killed him while 6 other Republic players watched you kill him with a companion.

    You're such a hero.

    You were asked to stop killing him, multiple times as he was there helping us complete the daily quest and discussing the amount of Valor earned.

    You rolled on a PvE server.

    If you were so interested in PvP you should of rolled on a non-carebear server like The Swiftsure.

    - Azs Hara,

  2. Yep Care Bear and yes I sent my healer companion in to kill him :)

    It was a PvP zone you might want to stay out if you don't like PvP. Feel free to hang out with your Sith friends in any PvE Zone.

  3. Note all 7 players are from the same guild Kyro You guys might want to change your name to Ewoks :)

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  5. You sound like a decent guy Omnimous, our guild Kyro is recruiting just send me a whisper in game.

  6. He is a kid with a trash mouth and will cause your guild lots of problems. You think I posted this due to farming Ilium or the dumb ass trash talk I got from your guild members for killing a Sith in a PVP zone?

    If he wants to talk like an adult I will let him post but if he keeps on with the your mama bullshit I'll keep deleting his crap. I'm sorry your guild has people in it like him.

  7. If your looking for a trash mouth guild full of 15 year old's who ideal the other side hate PVP but want to farm all day in ilum. and a guile that will try to use in game bugs to exploit other players then yes go join Kyro. and Yes Azs I have screen shots of what you tried to do.

    Each to there own.. But send me trash moth whispers for PVPing in a PVP zone and I will slap you down. :)

  8. We are a guild of -5- players, all over the age of 25.

    We are a mature tight group of players who play many games together and when faced with the objectives of the Ilum dailys, we wanted to be as efficient as possible so; like hundreds of other players, stand at the objective, and click them and do not PvP unless engaged.

    Do you think we are that stupid to start a PvP battle when we were outnumbered 10:1?

    After personally attacking our guild on your blog; my character could not reset any instances. So I invited you to group, passed you leader and left group, which resulted in my character being able to reset my instance and zone in. We even had a joke about it "Sorry you don't know how else to fix it." were your exact words. Before I could respond with, "Let me know if you cant zone in somewhere I can pass the bug to a second account." and attempt to show my respect for the work you have put in and move forward from where we were and sort things out... You /ignored me, you big tough man.

    You have now, again, insulted us as players and completely ignored me in game when attempting to get this issue sorted out.

    I had respect for you, and I emphasize had.

    Do yourself a favor, un-ignore me, apologize to my guild publicly and delete your idiotic post and move on with your website with out looking like a moron.

    - Clint

  9. Clint, Moron was the first thing you said in game to me for PvPing in a PVP zone and the last thing in game you did was try to pass an in game bug to me.( I joined group thinking you had grown up and wanted to talk about it) I was insulted by you and other members of your guild. All the hate tells and posts about me and my mother and you want me to apologize? What you don't get is it was you and the other kid's whispers insulting me over and over about killing a player of the other faction in a PvP zone that started this not the Ilum farming. Post stays as is for now think about what you did and try another post. farm all you want but try and stop a player for PvPing in a PvP zone and get upset at them for killing a player of the other faction makes you a care bear.


    nuff said

  11. Yep this tells me kill any Imp when you can or he will just get 50 others to camp u! This is common for most people playing the "bay guy" faction.