Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Players Logging in to SWTOR than WoW in the US and EU

This is some interesting stuff I found around the net. What the numbers show us is that about 100,000 more people may have logged in to SWTOR over the last week or two than World of Warcraft.

Year on year stats from  show that World of Warcraft has a total of 266, 435 players per week on average, logged on during peak hours in the US and EU regions combined. ( Note: this is just peak numbers)

According to SWTOR has 350, 000 peak concurrent users and BioWare have confirmed that there are now over 1 million accounts.

Now just keep in mind SWTOR is new, so people who might have played WoW are checking out SWTOR. The question is, will they stick around? Of the 80+ players in  my guild I know of 1 player who did not like SWTOR and has gone back to another game. He first played a Jedi Knight and told us all it was too hard, then he played a Trooper and told us all it was too easy ... the truth was it was just not the game for him.

SWTOR will get a lot more players than the first 1 million and some people who play SWTOR will find it's just not what they wanted. I think it will be moths until we see what SWTOR can do. I feel it's way too early to call SWTOR a WoW killer yet, and besides I think it would be inaccurate to call any game can be a WoW killer; WoW has already surpassed what it needed to do to be successful. 

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