Friday, January 06, 2012

PVP Medal Rundown. What the Hell are Medals For?

There is more to PVP than just experience. You also get valor, commendations and credits. There are ways to maximize how much you get in any PVP match, regardless of your spec. There are lots of achievements you can get that will boost your valor. Your valor will allow you to unlock higher end purchases on PVP items. Your PVP commendations will allow you to purchase said PVP items from vendors and your XP, or experience, will obviously increase your character's level ... and if you don't know what credits are then go watch Star Wars IV and listen to Han, he explains it properly!

Players participating and achieving goals within a PVP warzone are rewarded with medals. Every medal you get will increase your valor by 50 and also give you +5 warzone commendations. Knowing what gives you medals is extremely important to maximizing what you get out of a warzone. At this stage, this is what we've worked out, with thanks to the guys in the forums who have filled in lots of gaps. As you can see from the image below, when you know what you have to achieve, it's easy to get a lot out of PVP, really fast.

I'm having a blast with my Jedi Gaurdian, Jean, in warzones and I'd like to apologize to all of the players that I killed multiple times ... nah, not really!

Medals Accumulated Earn 50 Valor and 5 Warzone commendations each.

Medal Ranking:
  • The Gold ranking is awarded for earning 6 or more medals during a match
  • The Silver ranking is awarded for 3-5 medals
  • The Bronze ranking is awarded for 1-2 medals
Announcements (thanks Ayestes):
  • Unbeatable announcement is unlocked if you earn 4 medals without dying.
  • Invincible announcement is unlocked if you earn 7 medals without dying.
  • Immortal announcement is unlocked if you earn 9 medals without dying.
  1. Medic – 2.5k healing from a single heal
  2. Demolisher – 2.5k damage from a single attack
  3. Trauma Surgeon – 5k healing from a single heal
  4. Anihilator - 5K damage from a single attack
  5. Quick Draw – Getting a killing blow on one player
  6. Combatant – Dealing 75k damage
  7. Destroyer - Dealing 300K damage
  8. Healer - Healing 75K
  9. Savior - Healing 300K
  10. Defender – Earning 1k Defender Points
  11. Warden - Earning 3k Defender Points
  12. Assassin – Killing a player in a one-on-one fight
  13. Shield – 5k Protection
  14. Protector - 50K Protection (thanks meatballz/adlarn)
  15. Guardian – 2k Protection since last death
  16. Paladin – 10k Protection since last death
  17. Commando – Killing 10 enemy players
  18. Soldier – Killing 25 enemy players
Valor Titles: Every 10 ranks in valor will give you a new title -
Note: Valor Rank 60 is required to open Battlemaster Bags
  1. Skirmisher – Valor Rank 10
  2. Duelist – Valor Rank 20
  3. Gladiator – Valor Rank 30
  4. Centurion – Valor Rank 40
  5. Champion – Valor Rank 50
  6. Battlemaster – Valor Rank 60
  7. War Hero – Valor Rank 70
  8. Conqueror – Valor Rank 80
  9. Warlord – Valor Rank 90
  10. Elite Warlord – Valor Rank 100


  1. "Medals Accumulated Earn 50 Valor and 5 Warzone commendations each."

    This can't be right. I have been PvP'n earning medals in each match yet im only Valor Rank 17. I average at least 4 medals per run (depending on teammates) so using 50 per medal I should have at a minimum 40 valor..right?

  2. I don't get your math, Thepirate..

  3. he thinks valor points = commendations