Saturday, January 21, 2012

Security Key Vendor FTW!

Account security is a big concern on BioWare's part. I do not know how many times I have heard someone say "my WoW account got hacked."

By adding an extra layer of account security via security key, BioWare has insured themselves of alot less problems and having to retrieve accounts for players. Players also can rest assured knowing it will be that much harder to have their accounts hacked into.

The Security Key Generator itself is a small keychain sized device which generates a 7 digit security code required when logging into the SWTOR launcher. It is powered by a simple watch size battery which can be easily replaced by opening the actual key generator. There is also a smart phone application that can be used.

As incentive to use this extra layer of protection, BioWare has added in-game Security Key Vendors that can only be accessed if you have logged onto your account using a security key.

There is a unique Dancer's Uniform which can be modded, a collection of extra Companion Customizations, a Rythym Augmentation Droid, which will play music for you for 20 seconds after being summoned, and my personal favorite, Fleet Passes.

Fleet Passes can be purchased from the Security Key Vendor for 1,000 credits each and they stack in your inventory. They are bound to your character so they are exclusive to those using a security key to log in. They have only a one hour cooldown as opposed to the Emergency Fleet Pass ability which takes 16 hours. These make it much easier and quicker to get back to your respective faction's hub for quick access to flashpoints, storage, vendors, the Galactic Market, or even just a rest area to log out.

In my opinion, the Fleet Passes alone make it very worthwhile to use the security key option when logging into your account. I do also enjoy the Rythym Augmentation droid despite it's 55,000 credit price.

By adding these incentives to use the security key option, BioWare has probably saved themselves alot of headaches and have added a few very convenient items for players who will have exclusive rights to the Security Key Vendors. They can be found on your faction's Fleet Hub, and some of the orbital stations like the one found on Ilum.


  1. Thanks for the info on these! I just ordered keys for my better half and I, nice to get a preview of what options I'll have. :)

  2. This protection is realy great, however removing it to move it to another smartphone or keychain is not. i hope they will fix it soon. till then i remain protected thru my ipad :(

  3. Thanks for the run down. I wasn't going to bother with it but now im ordering one now.