Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SWTOR: It's All About the Look

A real important part of any MMO is how you can customize your character. SWTOR does a great job of providing a variety of different outfits, to allow your character to have a very unique look. The only issue at this stage is the PvP gear. Unfortunately the PvP gear is the best stuff you can get for most players, but it forces you to have a certain look. You can only take two of the three mods out and equip them in other orange items. For me though, I actually really do like the look of the Jedi Knight PvP armor. 

There's a long thread in the forums with massive complaints about the look of this armor. Now, although I have to agree that the helmet is absolutely dreadful, the rest of the armor, in my eyes, looks really good. Unfortunately the image linked in the thread is of very low quality and you really can't tell what it looks like. The images below are high quality of the Jedi Knight PvP armor in the silver and brown combo and the gold variety.

One thing I'm personally very vain about is the look of my lightsaber. I've been running through lower level flash points in search of the look I want and I've found two lightsaber hilts (shown in the image above) that I believe suit my character's style perfectly. At level 50 there are a variety of different flash points you can solo. I've found this to be a really great way to find unique orange items for yourself and your companions too. Although the mods in the orange items you pick up might be too low, they are easily upgraded with mods from the Galactic Kiosk or even through tokens and vendors on places like Corellia.

More images of the controversial Jedi Knight PvP armor.


  1. I finds the gear is not fantastic looking, some upgrades as a Jedi Sage I have truly hated to wear them because they look so bad, either from the front of the back.

    Some robes I have found looked really great, but then the hood goes over my head and looks stupid. Yet some robes look really stupid but then the hood sits at the back and looks great.

    Would love an outfit option.

    I guess the mod/armoring/enhancement system we have now and how you are using it is the best chance I have got.


    Looks like there will be some changes incoming. :)

  3. Your right it looks like it will go back to the way it was in beta. George was talking about it in google+ too.