Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Many Looks of Kira Carsen

In SWTOR you spend a lot of time with your companion and a lot of a players even have intimate relationships with their companions of choice. Unfortunately, you don't have a Galaxy of companions to choose from. Your storyline introduces you to a set number of companions and you are stuck with their stories, personalities and voices.

Bioware do give you the options to customize the appearance of your companions. You can change their looks by equipping a companion customization token in your companion's inventory. These customizations are awarded through missions and they are also available through speciality vendors throughout the Galaxy.

This week I want to take an advanced look at all the different available looks for Kira Carsen.

Kira is a strong willed individual and my personal favorite companion so far. My Jedi Knight Guardian completed with storyline with Kira some time ago and although I chose to leave her default looks, not everyone likes a redhead. And to be honest, after seeing the variety of different looks she can have, I've now chosen to equip customization 8. Let's have a good look shall we?

Customizations 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are available from vendors on both Taris and Balmora.

The vendor's name on Taris is Tatrog and he is hidden in the corner of the cantina. The Balmore vendor is hard to miss as he can be found at the entrance to the main base in bug town.

Customization 8 is available on Ilum at the Ilum Orbital Station from the Security key reward vendor.

Captain Kneely is in the center-left of the Orbital station and is only available to players who have attached a security key to their account.

At this stage I have not been able to find customizations 5 or 7. They may be randomly available from the Collector's Edition reward vendors, or even the security key reward vendors, but at this stage, they haven't been seen ingame.

It cost me 75 000 credits to purchase all available customizations for Kira. The reason I purchased them is that that the preview screen is tiny and uses low textures so I wouldn't have been able to provide you with proper images for comparison without purchasing the customizations.

For more information on Kira Carsen check out our Jedi Knight companion page 

If anyone wants to volunteer to provide high res screenshots of the customized looks for any other companions, please let me know!

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  1. HI!
    Please tell me what is the "dress" when kira's wearing and where i find it?

    1. Its the slave girl outfit you can get it from the security key vendor.