Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SWTOR New Players Guide: Lesson One

If you have a partner who is new to gaming and you'd like them to play SWTOR with you, get them to read this blog. If you are, like many SWTOR players, new to MMOs but playing it or hoping to play SWTOR because of a love of Star Wars, welcome to my world and let's find out about it together! Welcome young Padawans! This is going to be like the blind leading the blind! Let me explain ...

John, who set up this site is my husband. We met over 17 years ago at ... wait for it ... a Star Wars fan club Christmas party! So you might think that we've both been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since the day of launch but actually, I've never played an MMO before. A couple of years ago, after months of begging, I set up a character in WoW and played through one mission, nearly died of boredom and never played it again. But SWTOR is Star Wars and the allure is too hard to ignore.

I am sooo new to this I didn't even take any fraps shots of myself from the front last night! Tip: make sure you like the back of your character's hairdo; you'll see it a lot.

Years ago I played fps games, almost obsessively for a while there. I was pretty good too if I do say so myself. So I am no stranger to playing PC games which means that when I write about it, I hopefully won't sound like a complete idiot from the Outer Rim. Hiding behind all that though is someone who is not used to all the options and controls in an MMO, so I will learn to play and explain it all. Besides, I'll have John sitting right next to me explaining things.

Last night I created a Jedi Consular character and I completed one class mission and two side missions. Here's some tips on things that you might miss:

As you get to the stage where it's time to learn new things a little rectangle with a yellow border will pop up center right. Click on it and it will explain how to use something (maps, groups, inventory, etc).

After you've got a mission, if you need to travel to get to where it is, look for the double green arrow. That's where you need to head, in this case, to get a taxi.

But then when thee are many mission objectives they are shown by little green triangles with a yellow border. Head to each of them in turn.

To follow these blog posts aimed at new players, follow the Blog tags 'New Players Guide'.

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