Sunday, March 18, 2012

Combat Log Update and Details Game Update 1.2

At the Guild Summit in early March, Bioware announced that SWTOR was finally getting combat logs. There have been all sorts of heated debates across the forums about whether this will be good or bad for the game. I am not a huge fan of combat logs because they are often miss-used. Combat logs are a brilliant tool for optimizing a player's personal DPS or healing abilities. Having access to this information will allow you to choose the right sequence of attack for any given situation. Unfortunately, I've seen players sit out of raids and kicked from dungeons for having chosen to play a class that is at the time sub-par at a given task, a judgement made from information gleaned from combat logs. Most of the time, players making decisions based on combat logs, actually have no idea what they're looking at. As an MMO player who raided religiously for over three years, I often found that some of our most valuable raid members where players who were not at the top of the DPS meters. DPS meters have a problem of not showing group-wide buff advantages and they don't show a players' ability to attack the right target or be in the right place at the right time, or interupt a crucial critical hit from a boss. Often you will find players playing the DPS meters and not worrying about how they can truly benefit the group and the given situation.

At this stage, the information that Bioware has provided indicates that combat logs will be client-side only. This means that you can only you will see how well you are doing. I hope this stays true. being able to better yourself is one thing. Being able to judge others on their performance is another. I am just hoping no classes get judged once the combat logs become available.

Georg Zoeller provided us with a breakdown of what the combat log is. As you can see, with this combat log we will be able to calculate DPS (damage per second), healing per second and threat generated. A threat meter is something that may help a lot of players in raid scenarios. Bioware have released this information to the media community to allow them to start work on mods for SWTOR.

Iotasquared created a simple combat log parser that parses the combat logs and prints out damage/heals/threat stats here.

Read on to see a full example of what an exported combat log looks like, supplied by Bioware. Warning: this looks like scrambled text to the uninitiated.

[03/01/2012 14:19:14] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Force Might {1781496599805952}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Lucky Shots {1781496599806223}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:14] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Force Might {1781496599805952}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Fortification {1781496599806227}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:14] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Force Might {1781496599805952}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Force Might {1781496599805952}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:14] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Force Might {1781496599805952}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Force Valor {1781496599806219}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:14] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Safe Login {973870949466112}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Safe Login Immunity {973870949466372}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:15] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Sprint {810670782152704}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Sprint {810670782152704}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:15] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Shien Form {1280806492307456}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Shien Form {1280806492307456}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:28] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Safe Login {973870949466112}] [RemoveEffect {836045448945478}: Safe Login Immunity {973870949466372}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:55] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Force Might {1781496599805952}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Lucky Shots {1781496599806223}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:55] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Force Might {1781496599805952}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Fortification {1781496599806227}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:55] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Force Might {1781496599805952}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Force Might {1781496599805952}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:55] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Force Might {1781496599805952}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Force Valor {1781496599806219}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:55] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Safe Login {973870949466112}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Safe Login Immunity {973870949466372}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:56] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Sprint {810670782152704}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Sprint {810670782152704}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:19:56] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Shien Form {1280806492307456}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Shien Form {1280806492307456}] ()
[03/01/2012 14:20:05] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Safe Login {973870949466112}] [RemoveEffect {836045448945478}: Safe Login Immunity {973870949466372}] () 

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