Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Interesting Stats from the SWTOR Guild Summit

There has been a lot of news from the SWTOR Guild Summit this week. I found that some of the general stats were quite revealing, surprising even! For example:

BioChem is not the most common tradeskill – Artifice is 

Actually that fact is not that surprising to me. A lot of players would have chosen Artifice when they first started their Jedi or Sith characters. It seemed like a logical choice and from the get-go the crafting missions for Artifice related skills have been way more expensive than any other crafting missions.

57% of players play Empire, 42% of players play Republic

Somebody got their figures wrong here since we're missing 1%. I am actually surprised it's that close, but then again I am only going from experiences on one server.

Approximately 70% play males, 30% play females 

I wish I knew what percentage of players are male and female in real life too. I guess the ability to romance companions is enough of a draw card to role a male character instead of a female for many guys.

Stats sourced with thanks from TOR Wars.

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