Wednesday, March 07, 2012

New Crystals Available on a Space Station Near You!

The most exciting new content from today's patch is a slew of new crystals which you can simply purchase off a vendor at your fleet station. Due to popular demand Bioware have added two new vendors to the Republic and Imperial fleets. Both vendors have a variety of level 47 and 50 high end crystals in a rainbow of colors including blue, green, purple, red, white and yellow. The vendors also sell schematics for players to craft the Magenta crystals. The starting price for these babies is 125 000 credits and prices go all the way up to 2.5 million for a white crystal. 

[The crafted Magenta crystal looks awesome in Kira's muscular yet feminine grasp of her twin lightsaber.]

Also with this patch the restrictions on specific colored crystals have been removed. You can be light side, ranked five and equip a red crystal. Unfortunately, until they allow players to dismantle their epic sabers from PVe and PvP most players will not be able to even use these crystals. My lightsaber, which I got from PvP, is a purple item that can't be changed with any mods. According to the developers, this is being addressed in the next major patch. 

Let's have a look at the prices and variety available:

Click to see the list of crystals and prices

The purple saber crystal, seen for the first time in Republic players' hands since beta, looks awesome when combined with the blue/black saber available from end game raiding.

So, where can you find the vendors to go and make your purchase?

For Republic players, head to Carrick Station and talk to Geologist Breshin who is in the Galactic Trade Market sector.

For Imperial players, head to Vaiken Spacedock and talk to Geologist Pajro who is in the Galactic Trade Market sector.

If you pre-ordered the game Bioware have also included upgraded versions of the black/yellow crystal that you were awarded in the mail when you first created your character. For 100k you will get the level 47 yellow/black in a variety of different bonuses. For 250k you can get the level 50 equivalent.

The vendor has four different varieties of each level/cost to choose from.


  1. The only comment I have is where do I get that outfit that Kira is wearing?

    1. Slave girl outfit is a social set you can get at rank 2. You can also get it from the security key dude on the station.