Monday, April 16, 2012

Attention Smugglers. Your Companion List Page has been Updated

Some of our most popular content are the lists of information about companions. Each one has been getting an overhaul over the last few weeks so that they look better and it's easier to find what you need. The Smuggler Companion List has just been updated. On it you'll find out all of the character information about each Smuggler companion, where you get them and what gifts they like.

Here's the section on Guss Tuno, the last companion for the Smuggler class.

Guss Tuno

Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Mon Calamari
Age: Unknown

Gameplay Information
First Encountered On: Hoth
Becomes a Companion: In the class mission called Trick or Treat
Companion Type: Healer
Armor: Medium Armor
Crew Skill: +10 Underworld trading Efficiency, +2 Critical Investigation

Primary Stat: Cunning
Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapon: Scattergun

Likes: Mocking Force users, profit from those who can afford it, a good scam
Dislikes: Killing innocents, risking your neck for nothing

Gift Preferences for Guss Tuno

Underworld Goods
Imperial Memorabilia
Republic Memorabilia
Cultural Artifact
Military Gear

Guss is an almost comical companion. He can be quite useful as a healer, especially in the end game daily missions for most non-healing smugglers. He describes himself as a blank slate and is a little too eager to please sometimes.

Guss Tuno Background
Guss Tuno prefers the underworld lifestyle's potential for material riches. In a perfect galaxy, Guss would spend his retirement lounging in a heated swimming pool surrounded by exotic beauties while consuming a steady diet of fresh fish and expensive cocktails.
Although he often speaks before he thinks, Guss has talked his way out of certain death many times. He often uses his minimal knowledge of Jedi-and the lightsaber he stole from his old Master-to fool gullible criminals into leaving him alone. When that fails, Guss reveals he's a much better shot than anyone would believe.

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