Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get Ready for SWTOR Space Combat

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There is absolutely no timeline on this but in an interview with NowGamer, SWTOR's lead developer Daniel Erickson has spilled the beans on a major future update to SWTOR that will include space combat. He wasn't explicit about it but the cracks between the lines are pretty obvious. He said:

"the next iteration of space is the single thing I’m most excited about in the entire future plan."

Pick up a novel by Michael A. Stackpole and flip on over to a space battle scene and imagine that playing out in SWTOR!

Further on in the interview Erickson referred to BioWare's commitment to listening to what their gamers want. The next iteration of space must at least in part be a reaction to the recent official poll which had 46.54% of respondents say that "Full 3D space battles" is the "Star Wars fantasty that excites you the most." A further 28.06% voted for "Capitol ship battles."

I can't wait. Memories of X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and Star Wars Galaxies are flooding in ...

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