Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guild goes from 0-50 in under 30 days

The opening of the new Asia-Pacific servers forced a lot of players to re-roll. I ended up in a raiding guild (set up for operations) in the first week that the new servers were opened. To my surprise, the guild got a complete raid team together and it only took 29 days for them to clear all the standard operation content. Now is that too fast or is it just right? 

New raid content in games like WoW took far longer. The attempt would be spread out across several nights which got quite frustrating at times. You'd want to complete the raid but you'd also want to do something other than WoW some nights ... at least with the length of the SWTOR raids that balance is easier. I am finding that the current amount of raiding is allowing me to spend time doing other things ingame including leveling alts and PvP. With alts being a crucial part of the legacy system, maybe Bioware doesn't want players raiding 3-4 nights per week.

Everyone on the guild had already played a character to level 50 previously, so that probably sped things up since we knew where to go and what to do. On the other hand, I had never tanked most of the content so although I'd played for over five months, a lot of the boss kills were new to me and others in the operations. Undeniably, the content was cleared due to exceptional leadership. 

The swift progress through these operations has also revealed that new level 50s are very capable of doing operations. We took a lot of the guild members into the operations just days after they reached level 50. A lot of the content can be completed without the need for high end epic gear. A lot of players believe you need to spend weeks gearing up before you start doing operations but that's just not true. The operation story-mode content is for new level 50 players. It's just as efficient to gear up as you do operations as it is to gear up using heroic flashpoints or PvP. So if you think you're not ready for doing operations yet, take my advice and give it a go. If you can take somebody who knows the strategies it will help a lot. Having a vocal leader who knows the content is a necessity for success. A big kudos to Tombstone, Fusion's raid/operation leader.

In Star Wars The Old Republic, operations consist of eight players and can be completed in story mode, hard mode and nightmare mode, once a week.

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