Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hot off the Press for 1.2: Become Your Ship Droid

"Note posted on April Fool's"

Have you ever fantasied about getting down and dirty with Scorpio, the hot Imperial Agent droid companion?! Or are you looking for cool old Star Wars games like Super Star Wars? Bioware have answered all your pleas with this hot update.

The ability to be able to jump into first person mode in your droid character and play Super Star Wars is a big enough draw card for the monthly subscription for me. After unlocking this feature, I can't see myself doing anything else ingame ...

... apart from maybe sexing it up with Scorpio that is! What's not to like about this evil woman? Read on the see the other fabulous features coming in game update 1.2.

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  1. please see posted date then comment.

  2. aaahw where not getting a mini game?

  3. You do know this is an April Fool's? lol