Friday, April 13, 2012

How do you skin a baby tauntaun?

As the owner of a Collector's Edition, I was excited about the release of Taunta in the Game Update 1.2. The first thing I did when I logged in last night was to go out and buy him. Now 200 000 credits is a big outlay considering the extra I had to pay for the Collector's Edition but as there hasn't really been anything else to show for it - the speeder and other goodies are just for leveling and not end game use - the little baby tauntaun was a perfect way to show off. But then this morning when I got up, I was welcomed by an email telling everyone, not even just Collector's Edition owners but everybody, is getting a free baby tauntaun as a gift!

Now hang ... you can come up with baby Jawas, Ewoks, anything ... a Bantha for Pete's sake! But why give what could have a been a cool, unique, must-have-credits pet to everybody, especially after I already paid 200 000 credits just a few hours earlier! I want my credits back! This is rude and lazy of Bioware. I have no qualms about them giving everyone a gift; great idea, but to give the only update to the Collector's Edition to everybody after some of us buy it, makes it a poorly handled PR exercise. Oh but wait ... the free one has a saddle on his back.

So if you're going to skin a baby tauntaun, do the think the lightsabre might burn the fur? I am betting he's "Luke" warm inside!

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