Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Many Looks of Vette

Complete Guide to Vette Customizations

Vette is undoubtedly one of the cutest female companions in all of SWTOR. As you would expect from a Twilik female, she has a bubbly personality but can be a little bit naughty at times. Although she doesn't like cruelty she is definitely no goody two shoes when it comes to the law.

[Spoiler Alert in next two sentences only] Even though she was brought up with Risha, the Smuggler companion, being playmates throughout their childhood years, she has a very different persona to Risha. She is way more likable.

Her witty comments add a certain something to a lot of the mission story lines.

When you first gain access to Vette you get a reward which allows you to choose between customizations one, two and three. You only get to choose one and the others are then available from vendors.

In this image you can see that she has a total of nine looks available ingame. The looks in the image above are in order, the default look on the left and then 1-4 on the top row and 5-8 on the bottom row.

1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 are available from your regular customization vendors on Balmorra and Taris, found in the cantinas.
2 is available from the Security Key vendor and also made available when you first get Vette, as one of the three choices.
6 is available from the Collector's Edition vendor in the Imperial Fleet.

All customizations, apart from customization six, are 12500 credits. Customization six, from the Collector's Edition vendor is just 2000 credits.

The vendor on Taris.

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