Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'Tracking The Origins' Mission Guide, With all Maps

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With the attack of the rakghouls world event taking place, players are running around like mad trying to get the most they can out the new content. Apart from items you can purchase through the daily missions, there is also a mission where you are awarded this awesome little non-combat pet called the Crimson Rakling. Unlike other missions, no waypoints are provided for the objectives in this mission, so I have put together a complete guide, with maps, of all the objectives in this mission called Tracking The Origins.

Note: This guide has been done with a Republic character. Although the first section leading up to collecting pieces of the ship Stardream, are Republic only, all the parts of this mission where you have to collect the ship parts, and where they are located, are the same for Republic and Sith players.

To start this mission head to Tatooine and go to the Anchorhead Starport. Click on the Emergency Notice Terminal at 1726, 455. This will give you a first buff called ‘Informed’, you will then need to go get the ‘Attacked’ and ‘Exposed’ buffs (explained below). All 3 buffs have a 10 minute timer.

Rakghoul Live Event Emergency Terminal Broadcast

To get the next buff 'Attacked' head to the North-Western part of Anchorhead and click the crashed escape pod in a wall. You get attacked but the guards help you out.

'Attacked' Buff 1783, 444 in Anchorhead

Now to get the ‘Exposed’  buffs go to the medical supplies at 2352, 434 Anchorhead.

When you have done all 3 you get a buff called  'On The Trail'. You then need to go to the Containment Operations Console next to the speeder transport point.

The Containment Operations Console is located at 1824, 445

Clicking on the console will start a mission, the objective of which is to scan 12 pieces of the downed ship called Stardream. Start your search in the Dune Sea. Unlike other missions in the game, no map or waypoints are provided, unless you have this guide ... :) If you have a mobile device, this site is optimized for mobile browsing, so you can have this guide open on your phone while you play.

Note: Some of the waypoints in the screenshots display incorrectly. Use the ones written in text and use the visual image from the maps to see where the parts are.

Part 1: The first piece of the wreckage is located at: -1395, -442.

Part 2: -2411, –756 (On the top of a half circle cliff surrounding a Sandpeople camp).

Part 3: -2030, -1896 (Next to a Mandalorian landing pad).

In between parts 3 and 4 you'll need to head to the Jundland. Take the speeder to the Dreviad Outpost.

Part 4: 738, -2545 (North of Dreviad, on top of an underground entrance).

Part 5: 1191, –1267 (Around the center of the map)

Part 6: 1094, -443 (Lodged in the side of a cliff. Jump down to get it!)

Part 7: 754, -913 (On a small ledge quite far down the wall of a sheer cliff).

Part 8: 306, 433 (On a ledge a bit east of the Sith base at Mos Anek).

Part 9: 1097, 724 (In a Heroic area (circa level 24-25) east of Imperial base Varath. If you're doing this quest at a lower level you can easily dodge the elite mobs to get to the objective).

Part 10: 1796, 602 (Find the Shattered Basin Tunnel at 1260, 575 to pass into Severin Mesa Windfarms where the fragment landed).

Shattered Basin Tunnel at 1260, 575

Part 10 found at 1796, 602

Part 11: -592, -1445 (You will find it up on a little hill nestled against a wall behind a Sand People Mooncaller and his Bantha).

Part 12: -500, -331 (Heroic quest area, the Transport Ship Crash Site. It's in between the Jundland and Dune Sea maps. you will find a wide sand ramp at -359, 136).

When you have all 12 you will get the codex entry: Rakghoul Pandemic 5 – Origins of the Outbreak and your mission tracker will change to say ‘Find the infected Risp’. Republic players should head to Outpost Largona, Imperial players can fly to Outpost Rennar. From there it should be a short drive to your mission marker at 2302, -161 where you will find a small box marked ‘Animal Carrier’.

Inside you'll find your new non-combat pet growling and attempting to bite your ankles. In the same area where you pick him up you'll find several daily missions which award tokens that will allow you to purchase this little guy's brother, a pale rakling.

I hope this guide has made it easier for you to find the objectives for this mission. If you have any feedback or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.

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