Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1.2.4 Patch Notes

1.2.4 Patch Notes (5/15/2012)
Classes and Combat
The Guard ability can now be reapplied if the player dies with it activated. Previously, players sometimes received an error indicating that their target was already guarded.
Sith Inquisitor
Lightsaber Charge's audio effects no longer loop indefinitely.

Companion Characters

Xalek now receives the correct amount of Shield Absorption from equipped gear.
Crew Skills
Crafting Skills
French and German tooltips now indicate the percentage chance for reverse engineering.

Flashpoints and Operations

Players who advance from level 49 to 50 while near an Operation phase gate now see the gate color change to indicate their eligibility to enter.
Directive 7
Players can no longer obtain the missions for Story and Hard Mode for this Flashpoint at the same time.
Lost Island
LR-5 Sentinel Droid now reliably activates his Plasma Coils during the encounter.
The Battle of Ilum
Players can no longer obtain the missions for Story and Hard Mode for this Flashpoint at the same time.
The Black Talon
An audio effect from the fusion cutter in this Flashpoint no longer loops indefinitely.
The False Emperor
Players can no longer obtain the missions for Story and Hard Mode for this Flashpoint at the same time.


Explosive Conflict
General Vorgath's speech now features the correct voice modulation.
Rebreather head slot items now appear on Sith Pureblood characters.
Equipping a hooded robe in combination with certain head slot items no longer causes baldness.
Players can no longer add color crystals to some items that did not appear to have color crystal slots, causing the crystals to become irretrievable.
Missions and NPCs

World Missions

Breakthrough: All members of the group now receive credit for completed of this mission.
World Story missions on Ilum can no longer be abandoned.
No Escape: Republic Astromech Droids are no longer attacked by nearby friendly forces.
Players can no longer complete The Dark Hollow without first completing Primary Target. Completing these missions out of order could prevent players from completing Primary Target.

Class Missions

Jedi Knight
Fate of the Jedi: The cinematic with the Jedi Council no longer takes much longer than intended to begin playing.
Jedi Consular
Automated Defense: Euphony Guard Droids now count towards this mission objective.
Vivicar Awaits: This mission can no longer become blocked if a player logs out during the “Defeat the Ambush” step.
Sith Inquisitor
Into the Pit: The final conversation with Major Bessiker can no longer be repeated.
Imperial Agent
Shadow of the Dark Lord: Darth Zhorrid now follows through with her threat to torture a character in one of the dialogue paths in this mission.
The Star Chamber: Players who destroy the codex and fight the Sith Lords aboard the station are now able to enter the Tenebrous to complete the mission. Players who were previously blocked from completing it must reset the mission.
The Battle of Corellia: The Striker One Uplink can now be used from the mission tracker.


Mini-pets can no longer be summoned inside Warzones.
A fix for some causes of players becoming stuck dead in Warzones has been implemented, though the issue may still rarely occur.
Characters that exit the protected spawn area before the match begins are now killed.


Guild Bank
Crafted items stored in the Guild Bank now display their tooltips correctly.
Closing the Add Friend dialogue no longer makes the Add Friend button on the friends list unusable.
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
Actions in the UI layout editor, chat window, and crafting window now prevent a player from being labeled as AFK.

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