Thursday, July 26, 2012

Full List of Companion Gifts

Have you discovered how hard it is to search the GTN for specific companion gifts? This list will help you find what you are looking for! dont knoow what you need? Check out our gift guides for each companion here.

Grade 1 - Gold Necklace X X
Grade 2 - Hutt Affection Token X X
Grade 3 - Authentic Tionese Cuisine Coin of Good Fortune X
Grade 4 - Formal Clothing Tashelin Serenading Droid X
Grade 5 - Personalized Holoportrait Zeltron Personal Aroma Set Gree Temporary Mind-Link Device

Cultural Artifacts:Grade 1 - Polished Meteorite X X
Grade 2 - Dubrillion Lizard Egg Hutt Feast Ingredients X
Grade 3 - Primitive Staff X X
Grade 4 - Hutt Banner Alderaanian Noble Heirloom Writings of the First Mystics
Grade 5 - Carved Runestone Signet Ring of Ancient Tion Memoir of the Unification Wars

Imperial Memorabilia:Grade 1 - Imperial History holo X X
Grade 2 - Imperial Battalion Flag Declaration of the Emperor's Will X
Grade 3 - Imperial Military Records Imperial Service Medal Moff's Signet Ring
Grade 4 - Philosophy of the Sith Code Imperial General's Dog Tags Decorative Sith Blade
Grade 5 - Sith Opera Collection Banned Imperial History Document Account of the Discovery of Korriban

Luxury:Grade 1 - Small Gemstone X Killik Silk Linens
Grade 2 - Polished Carapace X X
Grade 3 - Intricate Holosculpture Pre-Republic Platinum Coin X
Grade 4 - Tarul Wine Exquisite Cooking Spices Tionese Hovering Ornament
Grade 5 - Handheld Orrery First Edition Galatic Encyclopedia Intricate Corellian Speeder Model

Military Gear:Grade 1 - Survival Gear X X
Grade 2 - Complete Camping Set Improvised Demolitions Toolkit X
Grade 3 - Homing Device Personalized Thermosuit X
Grade 4 - Armor Maintenance Kit Encrypted Transmitter Multi-Spectrum Target Analyzer
Grade 5 - Premium Field Rations Gourmet Ration Pack Omni-Vision Battlefield Relay

Republic Memorabilia:Grade 1 - Republic History Holo Memento of the Battle of Alderaan X
Grade 2 - Republic Planetary Flag Official Draft of the Treaty of Coruscant List of the Republic's Fallen
Grade 3 - Republic Military Records Republic Service Medal X
Grade 4 - Replica of the Galactic Constitution Republic War Hero's Dog Tags Tyhon Explorer's Writings
Grade 5 - Canister of Coruscanti Soil Republic Senatorial Oath Holorecord of the Republic Founding

Technology:Grade 1 - Holoviewer Czerka Universal Translator Unlimited Access Security Breaker
Grade 2 - Hutt Data Library Miniature Chemical Disassembler Auto-Updating Astrogation Chart
Grade 3 - Droid Diagnostic Kit Kal-Reyon Experimental Implant X
Grade 4 - Expert Slicer's Spike VergeCorps Destablized Power Matrix Ancient Droid Memory Core
Grade 5 - Pinpoint Welding Torch Aratech Reconstruction Toolkit Vial of Gree Nanite Paste

Trophy:Grade 1 - Vrblther Skull Assassin Droid Hand Kilik Hive Queen's Mandible
Grade 2 - Sleen Tail Pantran Whitefang Hide X
Grade 3 - Nexu Claw Sterilized Rakghoul Claw Perfect Krayt Dragon Pearl
Grade 4 - Humanoid Skull Greater Cthon Brain Sith Lord's Mask
Grade 5 - Wraid Plate Galactic Crime Lord's ID Card Splinter of a Rakata Stronghold

Underworld Good:Grade 1 - Underwolrd Rumor Sheet Hutt Space Preemptive Criminal Pardon X
Grade 2 - Hutt Hit List X Experimental SIS Listening Device
Grade 3 - Military Contraband Quesh Venom Sample Honorary Hutt Cartel Membership
Grade 4 - Incriminating Evidence Tionese Privateer Contract Droid Override Device
Grade 5 - Fake Identity Documents Assassin Droid Target History Drayen Hyperspace Smuggling Routes

Weapon:Grade 1 - Ammunition Belt X X
Grade 2 - Padded Weapon Case Military Scope Set X
Grade 3 - Concealable Vibroknife BlasTech Ultralight Trigger X
Grade 4 - Personal Armory Locker Star Core Overloaded Power Cell Emergency Blaster Detonator
Grade 5 - High-Resolution Combat Recorder Energy Blade Bayonet Unique Rakata Grenade

A big thanks to Dakotahorn for starting this list!

If you have any of the missing gift names please post them below so I can update the list. Be sure to give the Rank, Color, Full Name and Category.
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