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The Many Looks of Elara Dorne

Complete Guide to Elara Dorne Customizations

Elara Dorne is the second companion to join Havoc Squad in your Trooper story line. If you're playing a male Trooper, she is your only romance option. In this guide I'll show you all the available looks for Elara, even though some of them, in my opinion, don't suite her personality and accent.

I have included large high res shots of each look in their slave girl bikini outfit and I've also included a high res close up of the face for each custom look. I also include the rakghoul customization which I received during the ingame special event last month. Although this is no longer available ingame, it was purchased in a random drop bag, available from the Jawa vendor on Tatooine.

You seem to get a better look at her when you're on your ship. The textures seem to be higher quality when she's stationed in the med bay compared to what she looks like when she's running around behind you.

When you meet Elara she is a proper spoken blonde with a British accent. Her character defected from the Empire and joins you early on in the story. Although you can change her appearance you can't changer her personality. At first she might seem cold, but if you're the right type of guy, she'll warm up to you quickly. She actually reminded me of my own wife in her personality and work ethic, not to mention the default looks. I've always been fond of blondes so I personally stuck with the default look.

I took Elara out to sunny Tatooine for her bikini shoot and like Carrie Fisher, she seemed to enjoy the activity.

The cntre two images int he collection of images above are the default looks for Elara. Unfortunately, apart from cut scenes, she has a helmet equipped, so the majority of your time you won't be able tot ell the difference between her and your other companions, no matter what customization you have enabled. To get around the lack of 'hide head slot' on companions you can get heavy armor headbands for Jedi Knights and re-equip them with the appropriate mods for a medic Trooper. This will allow you to see her face and have a helmet equipped.

Careful when purchasing your medium armor head slot as your companion doesn't have any specific class so any armor pieces that require specific classes like Jedi or Trooper, will not work on companions.

Customizations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are available from vendors on Balmora and Ilum.

The Balmora vendor, Guunta, is hard to miss as he can be found at the entrance to the main base in bug town.

Sargent Kdam is in the main base on Ilum.

Customization 8 is available on Ilum at the Ilum Orbital Station from the Security key reward vendor.

Captain Kneely is in the center-left of the Orbital station and is only available to players who have attached a security key to their account.

To find out more about Elara Dorne, including gift preferences, check out the Trooper Companion Guide page.

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