Friday, August 31, 2012

BioWare's Matt Bromberg discusses Star Wars: The Old Republic change to free-to-play


"It was a producer at another EA-owned studio, Playfish, who once told me the golden rule of free-to-play is that you design the payment model and the content at the same time. Building a free-to-play game and then trying to figure out how to monetise it, he told me, is like organising a house party and inviting your friends at the last minute.
But EA studio BioWare Austin is attempting to prove the theory wrong. It has, in an act of desperation or perhaps opportunism, rebuilt its Star Wars subscription MMO as a free-to-play title.

CVG: How was the decision reached to make The Old Republic a free-to-play game?
BROMBERG: We looked at where the market opportunity was, and it seemed clear to us that a game as big and broad as Star Wars was well suited for the free-to-play model."

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