Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Grand Acquisitions Race World Event walkthrough

Guides are popping up all over the place so I thought I would send you some links!

 First off lets look at darthhater's guide: here.   The Darthhater guide at this time is Sith focused but..Please note that this guide will be continually updated as more information emerges and becomes ready for publication. Images will be added as they are available. If you see something we missed, feel free to chime in and add your thoughts in the comments section. If we use something you mention, we'll give you credit in the post.

Next up IWipe posted this in the forums: here 

Hey everyone, with all the buzz and hints from Bioware, I am sure alot of you are aware that there is a world event going on right now. If you are just jumping into it, you might find the whole event a bit overwhelming. I stayed up a bit late to do the world event and have a walkthrough here for those just starting or those stuck on some particular quests.

Lets answer some important questions first!

Just head to Nar Shadda (don't need to go to the fleet), take speeder from spaceport to Lower Promenade, find that big fat gold hutt statue and the quest giver (it is an object you have to click) is right there.


The world event started on 3AM EST or Midnight PST on August 14.

What level do I need to be to participate?

If you can defeat mobs in Nar Shaddaa, then you are high enough to do this world event. if you are a bit low, then consider grouping up with some people!

How do I get item X?

Getting each item involves a quest. There are 6 quests you can complete right now and 3 that are unavailable at the moment.



What is this thingie I got in the mail?

That is a side quest that give you 40 Tokens of Enrichment upon completion.

The writeup for Empire version - A questionable motive - is up right now and Republic's Dubious motive

Where can i spend those Tokens of Enrichment?

Basically, 6 rilfes (some sniper, some blaster), a 90% mount, a sandpeople outfit (you can see the screenshots inside), a pet

A big thanks to Iwipe for all the links as we get more info we will pass it on!

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