Thursday, September 06, 2012

1.3.7 Patch Change to Legacy Names ... WTF???

1.3.7 Patch Notes:
Legacy names are no longer unique. New Legacies that are created are now able to use a name that is already in use on the server. All players will be able to rename their Legacies once, at no cost, in a future update.

As a player that worked real hard to get the name I wanted, I find this to be a real shock. If anything the change needed to be the other way around, making first names no longer unique, and getting players to use Legacy names from the start. With the focus on Legacy, and players having to play lots of alts, it makes it hard to define yourself in SWTOR.

I play a lot of PvP over my active 4 toons. I'm in PvP every day and no one knows who I am. There is a chance that people notice my Legacy name, as I use it all the time on all my alts, but now with this change ... it's gone.

I recently attempted to join a guild with one of my alts. A player who I had been PvPing against me, with a variety of toons, had no idea who I was and told me I needed to make a "name" for myself in PvP before I would be able to join their guild! That's a fair statement, but I am not playing just one character. With the Legacy system and this change, how are players meant to make a "name" for themselves now? You either don't participate in the Legacy system, and spend no time on other characters, or you never make a name for yourself.
Another issue will be people using Legacy names of popular players, stealing an identity of a good PvP player, for example, or acting like an alt of someone to unload a guild bank. Legacy names up till now have been a unique way to identify your account on a server and I think with this change it will throw the value of Legacy names in the trash. I know I will be turning it off because I don't want some schmuck copying me or people thinking I'm someone I'm not. The Force forbid some tool uses the same name as me and ninjas loot or upsets another player ...

I feel this change is a bad move for SWTOR and makes the Legacy name just another dumb title. What do you think?

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  1. This is TERRIBLE news. I am 100% behind what you've said here in this post. Unbelievable. I thought the use of the Legacy title before was an awesome way to have distinction amongst so many users, now it's going to be just another dumb title like "Party time" or "Ace Pilot." I feel ripped off.

  2. I assume you leveled your characters on a destination server, otherwise you might have a different perspective.

    Many of us put forth similar effort on our origin servers, and were forced to change our names completely when we transferred.

    This is a welcome change for most who were disenfranchised, their legacy ripped away from them as a result. In many cases character names were changed as well, completely removing players identities.

    Most players are known by the character name, in any case, and your worries are minor, since when this occurs everyone will be aware of it. This isn't a stealth change likely to cause any confusion.

    Instead you should be flattered if others choose your legacy for your pvp skills, regardless of their intentions.

    1. My characters were not on a destination server, and i still feel the same way about the legacy names.

  3. HedGremlin I see and understand your point I Started on a US server then had to move to an Aussie server and yes I did have the risk of not getting my name but I was lucky I worked hard and got to 30 quick and got my name again but I moved to a new server.

    The move did throw a spanner in the works for them but I still think it makes more logic to keep Legacy unique and not first names If we all had 1 main name for all 8 or our toons we would have more names to go around. Speaking to players I see now that it was the right thing to do for them but I am disappointed as a player that has lost's of alts that it will be harder to tell who I am.